Another fan art thread


been a while. just a simple drawing


wouldve liked her in mvc3


you havent done any m.bison art have you?


kind of. ive only got this pic of a midnight bliss’d version i drew up a long time ago


a commissioned drawing of jun kagami from kof ex2


another sporadic update to my fan art thread, this time of laura


Woah, Would you mind if I used this for artwork on my stick? :slight_smile:


that be kinda cool to see. send me some pics of the end result =)


I shall do when I get it done :slight_smile:


Oh man that Laura looks beautiful!


cheers man. here comes a few warm ups


do over. i think the original version of this is in the mspaint thread


Like i said on your DA, your work is amazing!


cheers man. anyway, made this realisation the other day. couldve been birdie, but i felt like gief was the better fit.


another warm up drawing


been a while since i updated


coloured it too


outstanding work here………I can only dream of being able to draw this well…


thanks man.

magneto vs akuma a friend commissioned me for a while ago. theres a bunch id do differently now, even just months later but im happy enough with it.


im real bad at keeping this thread updated. did these marvel x sf mashups about half a year ago.