Another first custom stick thread

Hello recently i started making my very first stick, i was hoping my first post here was going to be a picture of it when it was finished. But as much as i hate to ask how do you remove the analog sticks from a madcatz wired controler? (#4716).

the pcb is the same as the one on this thread:

I searched all over the forum and the other websites/guides i found here and i cant for the life of me figure out how to do it, do i just cut them off? or would it be ok to just leave them as they are? i think i might actually have enough space to fit it like that.

Thanks in advance.

edit:posted pictures of the finished stick, please disregard the shitty wiring and routing

new flickr

another question it might be too late but what would be the proper way to handle the pcb is it as delicate as when handleling computer parts like ram and video cards?

thanks again and sorry, im sure these questions have been asked before but i cant seem to find them :confused:

im gona guess you have to desolder the analog sticks, but if your having trouble removing them then why bother? you’re just going to wire your new joystick to the directional pad anyway right?

yea im going to solder to the d-pad, but all the pictures i seen here of peoples pcb’s have the sticks removed so i wasnt sure if leaving them in would cause any problems

nah it shouldnt cause any problems as long as you have the pcb bolted down instead of letting it freefloat. i’m getting ready to rip apart one of my mad catz 360 controllers later tonight, i’ll let you know how to take off the analogs after

well so im about done with my stick, i should get the buttons and stick this week sometime but my xbox craped out on me :lame: so might be another 3 weeks before i get to use it :crybaby:

but anyhow here is my progress so far,let me know what you think

the artwork is something i put together with photoshop ( as you can see im not very skilled with it) a picked KoF cuz to me its only the best fighting game there is and im eagerly waiting for kof xii, also i picked orochi iori and leona, because kof '97 is my favorite kof game.

ps: apparently im retarded cuz i cant figure out how to add the pictures to the thread.

i used a lot of force and one of the plastic sticks came off. the other one had glue in it and i used a soldering iron the melt the glue/plastic.

Not sure how the analog sticks on the madcatz controllers are attached. On the official Xbox 360 controllers, the analog sticks have metal legs that are soldered to the pcb. So removing them is as simple as desoldering the legs and the contact points.

On the madcatz arcade stick I used a pair of bent needle nosed pliers to leverage off the stick against the metal electronics housing underneath. This allowed me to use a lot of force without breaking the pad and worked well for the glued on stick.

Edit: Here’s a picture to help :slight_smile:

Put the pad down on a soft surface (I used my bed), support with one hand and push down on the pliers to pop off the stick.

Edit2: Unless you meant how to remove the metal housing in which case I’m an idiot and you should ignore this post.

[quote=“Kreeeee, post:9, topic:58439”]

On the madcatz arcade stick I used a pair of bent needle nosed pliers to leverage off the stick against the metal electronics housing underneath. This allowed me to use a lot of force without breaking the pad and worked well for the glued on stick.

ah thats what i meant, thx ill give it a try

No problem mate. It does require a fair bit of force, just make sure you’re not flexing the PCB and it will be fine.

alright so im almost done with my box just gotta hook up all the wires, this is probably a dumb question but does it matter what side of the buttons i solder the ground and signal wires to? and also for the stick i got a sanwa jlf-tp-8yt-5k i hooked up the wires according to this picture, but mine looks slightly different from the one from the pic, thx in advance

i dont like buttons template.

i’d change start-select position at least…

Nice job !!!

Yes, it does matter. Take a look at this.

thanks, i already mounted the buttons so i cant go back on that now but i also think putting the buttons on the side or something would’ve been better

thanks man

ok i did all the wiring today but i got a question why wont some of the buttons work in game but they work in the menus, like the “a” and “b” buttons?

this may seem dumb, but always check the simple stuff first.

Check your controller mapping in the in game options menu.

didnt think about that really, but i tried it and still no luck

SF:HD remix is a good game to test the controls on because you can map all of them and it shows you what you pressed straight from the menu. I cant think of any reason the signal would work in dashboard and not in game. maybe someone else knows, but all the ones ive soldered worked in both or neither, depending on if i made a mistake or not. :slight_smile:

actually i kept playing with the controls in game and i notice that depending on the controller type some of the button will actually work in game but some others would stop working, so i played with it some more and if i disable the triggers everything else works perfect.

i looked at the pcb and the resistors and transistor i soldered on to it came lose, but it looks like it striped the contact, is there any othere place i could solder on to? or should i just forget about it?

also thx for the replies