Another Florida sneaker story

At least this one lacks “ammonia”. There was a woman at the end that has a strange definition of the word “needs”

Eh, at the end of the day the shoes don’t even look that great.

Seriously wtf is up with that video though, is queing a lost art or something?

so stores can make people line up and fight for a product, and that’s considered normal and fine, but people line up for Occupy Wallstreet, and OH NOES, the public was at risk

i’m sorry, but when you need Riot police at your store, to protect your product, you fail as a business.

It’s like they buy any shoe that has the name “Nike” branded on it.

I’m a fan of Nike shoes myself but at least I’m picky about how the shoes look at least. Unfortunately for me, the Nike shoes that picky fashion heads like me like are usually similar, which basically means, I have snowball’s chance in hell in getting Air Jordan Retro 5s. :sad:

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Ha, this is pathetic. They all just wanted some shoes just so that they could show it off on Facebook/to their “friends”. If the end of the world happens, this will be the same people rioting over toilets.

I’m seeing 2 parallels of insane behavior: niggas who are probably one check away from being homeless acting like buffoons cuz they can’t throw their money away on overpriced shit, and on the other side of the world, buffoons freaking out cuz some damn surplus, never-would-have-been-used, easily replaceable books got destroyed. People are fucking insane…and the cause is ignorance.

People still wear glow in the dark shoes these days?

It’s because it’s a way for them show off illusory wealth and sexually acquire females on a temporary basis.

i’m sure azns will be foaming at the mouth to get jeremy lin sneakers so its understandable.

Anyone mind explaining the popularity of foamposites? Not the first pair of sneakers I’d plan on buying if I had $200+ to spend.

I’d still be shopping at Payless if their shoe size went past 14…

This shit is no more stupid than all the idiots who buy stick after stick from madcatz. It’s just collecting.

It’s just hype and bandwagoning. Kind of like SBs and AF1 a few years ago and Jordans now. People love to flock to any thing “limited” no matter how little they like it. That and the potential to make a sizable profit. IDK why this particular pair of foams was so hyped though. Nike cancelled the online midnight release, but waited to announce it until a day before the release. Some people camped for almost a week to get this pair. They are probably looking to flip them and make a profit. That dude with the tent didn’t even know what the shoes were (he called them Jordans for Petes sake!) The cheapest pair that i’ve seen on ebay was $660.

Nonsense like this makes it a pain in the ass for some people that actually like and wear their sneakers (like me) to get certain releases for retail.


Hahaha; I have to admit I used to be one of those idiots. Thinking of it now, I must’ve bought at least $600+ worth of arcade stick. Learned my lesson though.

I guess so; but on the plus side you can at least it’ll have quality parts and you can use it to bludgeon people. I’m not sure how well you can defend yourself using a pair of sneakers as nunchucks.

send me one

You know, I would think that if this shit was really such a problem, maybe the stores could, Idunno, take some damn pre-orders!! Works wonders for video games and systems.

Artificially produced scarcity…

If they were easily available they wouldn’t sell… it happens everytime and niggas never learn…

I would LOVE it if the shoe industry would allow pre-orders. Why have other people miss out on your awesome shoe(s)? If you allow for pre-orders, shouldn’t that equate to more profit?