Another "help to pick a character" thread


Hi Community!
First post here :wink:
Actually my problem is, as said above, that i need advice for picking a character. I’m still a beginner in this game and sticking with Ryu, but i slowly want to move on.
I’d like to play a character who:

  • is good at zoning, poking and punishes
  • has good mobility
  • can be played in different ways/allow for creativity
  • has some nice tools/tricks to confuse the opponent
  • are not too hard to play (beginner…)
  • who doesnt have abysimal matchups

as you can see ryu is actually not that bad a fit, i would basicly like a more “gimmicky” and mobile version of him :wink:
I enjoy zoning, going in for a fast and hard punish and then jump out again.

characters i consider are:
fei long, evil ryu, akuma, oni, guy, rose?.
I’m very open for other suggestions as well!

(please excuse english faults, english is not my mother tongue)


A good rule of thumb is basically to stay with a non-gimmicky character to improve your fundamentals, especially if you’re a beginner. So if I were you, I’d definitely stay with Ryu until I’ve grasped ground- and air control aswell as footsies. I feel from a personal experience that the longer you stay with Ryu, the better of a player you get, even in high level play.

But if you really don’t wanna play Ryu, all those chars fits perfectly. Just a matter of preference.

Good luck


Fei/Oni/Rose sound like good choices to me