Another Hori broke, need suggestions!

Alright. I’m on my second EX-SE special edition for the 360. The first one’s laminate started peeling badly, and the second one is starting too, but what’s worse is that the cable seems defective. If moved a little bit now by the base of the stick, it disconnects the stick. I’ve only had it for a bit over 2 months. I use the ls-36 mod and I love it, and i love seimitsu’s buttons. I’m just not sure i want to go through the hassle again of having another defective ex-se and the time it takes to get it all setup to find it’s defective. I love the weight of the stick and I do like the size of it. I have a round 1 tournament stick from madcatz, and I’m sort of agreeable with the stick, but I really don’t prefer the buttons over seimitsu.

So in short, I do prefer ls-36 and seimitsu buttons and I reliable pcb, and a case with some decent weight and size. I have big hands and use grapplers. I know most premade sticks are moddable to what I like, but I prefer the path of least resistance if you know what I mean. So what are some reliable suggestions…and how difficult would the replacement of the stick and buttons be to what I like?

Cable repairs are relatively straightforward, but may require soldering. I must say, I’m a little surprised that you’re having issues with the strain relief that quickly - are you bending the cable close to the stick when you store it?

Im surprised about the cable too. Hehe, there isn’t much storing being done in my man cave :rofl:I don’t wrap the cable around the stick to store it, i usually just set it down on my floor loosely or on another seat on the couch! So what other sticks are as easy as just dropping in the ls-36 and seimitsu buttons without any extra or very little effort?