Another iPOD Av request

Can someone make me one of the iPOD avs with Vega (claw) from CvS2 in it, that says “iDROP”. Thanks.

its amazing what boredom + paint can do to you

Thanks for trying, but what the fuck is that?

Anyone else?

Sorry, that was 2 trends ago, IMM is lame like that.

^ haha… seriously…

well, if you really want one…

sprite and color please.

God no, Don’t start this again.

its vega with the claw just like you wanted it

Such form!

Such vision!

TRT essentially took that worn out old trend and infused it with new life!

I swear, if TRT took one of my requests, I would so not turn it down. The man is a god.

He’s definitely going on my soon-ro-be-puclished “20 Best Taggers on” feature in Time magazine.

fo sho.


Yo orange cat that is fuckin awesome. Can u just change the background color to pink? and the words to “iDrop” thanks.

Do chunkz fucka?