Another Juni/Juli Fanfic


Been a while since I was here, thought I should post some of the stuff I’ve written since I’ve been out. Anyways, Enjoy, rate, comment, etc.:lol:

“The Beginning…”

-Shadaloo, it’s been years now, and the crime syndicate has grown tremendously powerful. They were known for multiple types of crimes. From drug dealing to human trafficking, they were a serious organization that never played around with silly smaller gangs, and they had very well and high tech weaponry and experiments that they would use on almost any kidnapped victim. A certain day though would come, as the lives of two teenage girls would suffer a severe and very powerful experiment that Shadaloo has been working on for some time.

-A man with a lab coat had headed for the door as a tall and menacing figure would appear before him. He stood tall, with a red uniform, metal shoulder plates on his shoulders, and a dark red cap, with a skull insignia on it. That man would be Bison, the leader and founder of Shadaloo. Not much was known about this man, except that he was insane, sadistic, and cruel. As he approached the man in the lab coat, he would bow before him, and bring himself back up.-

Bison-So tell me, my trusted man…how fares the mind control experiment? I believe that you have finally accomplished it, from what I have understood from you…

Scientist-Why, yes! My master, if you would be so kind as to follow me to the device…I will show you what we have managed to make…right this way.

-Bison smirks to the man, as he follows him slowly towards the machine. Other experiments could be seen from the small room windows that would show horrific and brutal scenes where the victims that are made to suffer cry and scream in agony of failed experiments. The two men make it into a locked room, where the scientist begins to enter the code into the room, and awaits for a response. The door hisses, with smoke coming out from the inside.

-They enter the room, and notice 3 vats filled with water, and breathing masks, so their “testing” humans could not die. The two approach one of the vats, as a naked girl, with dirty blond hair, is floating in the vat, breathing normally, but still unconscious and unable to respond to anyone. The girl’s eyes remained closed, and Bison began to smirk as he would observe the vat closely. He turned to the scientist, and nodded slowly.-

Bison-Your project…it seems to interest me greatly…I would like to see this mind control in action. I wish to see that girl bow before me, doing my every will…

Scientist-Yes, of course my master…

-The scientist headed towards a computer, as he began to type in the code to empty the water from the vat with the young girl in it. It would soon lower the water level down, as metal handles would grab the girl from the legs and arms to prevent her from collapsing from the vat. She stood completely still, until the breathing mask was taken off from her face. She opened her eyes, and when the two men looked into her face, it seemed to be completely…emotionless. Bison looked at her once more, and turned to the scientist again.-

Bison-Give this new…servant some clothes. I want my new assassin to be dressed properly.

Scientist-Assassi- yes master, I will retrieve the uniform clothing…

-The man headed towards a clothing surplus that was to be given to the surviving “patients” of the experiments. He grabbed a leotard that was somewhat similar to Bison’s style of clothing, along with a small hat, and a tie that came along with it. The man brought it to the female, as she was released from the metal handles. She did no resistance what-so-ever towards the two, and she would slowly put on the clothing she was provided with. Bison looked at her, as she turned to him, and bowed before him.-

Bison-Tell me girl…who are you, and who am I?

Girl-I am…your assassin, my Lord Bison…I am, the assassin, Juni…