Another Mass Shooting: NYC Edition





…I got nothing…but I never heard of a gay dude gunning down his ex-boss. That’s different.


I wonder if it went down like this…



They still haven’t learned to aim for the legs… i am disappointed.


Shooting at the legs is a lot more likely to miss and hit someone else than shooting for the chest will.


lol, from the sounds of it they managed to catch him but he soon died, maybe he was shot in the leg and bleed out??

Sucks to be a bystander


Meanwhile, 19 people died in Chicago last night. 13 people in 30 minutes. Where’s the media coverage on that?


Cops did more damage.

They will take relatively little responsibility for their actions.

This will be used to make even more stupid laws or actions.

Example: I got stopped on the way to work twice during one month and it was the same cop too and the same place. He also touched me in inappropriate places in a freaking crowded subway station. I was like this || close to just giving him the Stone Cold Stunner even though he wasn’t alone. Before anyone asks, no, I don’t look like a terrorist, my skin is not brown nor black, for those that are going to come in saying “only colored people get stopped and searched.” “I do not consent to a search” doesn’t work in NYC and no I didn’t bother to follow up with a complaint. Not worth the time giving the criminal/corrupt organization the NYPD another reason to mess with me.

20 people got shot outside my window last night in Brooklyn, NYC.

Here’s the real question. Does that mean I win or does that mean I lose?

While most cases are completely ignored and not reported, a few do make it to News 12 Brooklyn.


A handful of people got shot or died. Yeah it’s terrible, but I assumed this was standard for big American cities


what happened??


As horrific as it is, they really make the world out to be worse than it is…


19 people were shot in Chicago, I’m not sure any of them died but that is still crazy. Gang violence so the media doesn’t really care. No use comparing though cause worse shit happens outside of our country too. Can’t cover them all :/, that’s where the internet comes in luckily.

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Not sure how you’re gonna fix this, you got crazy people getting guns and gangs fighting over retarded shit. =/


Gang violence often ends up being the case in that area though, doesn’t it? I’m surprised how Obama is from Chicago and hasn’t addressed the situation at all.

Chicago and NYC most strict gun laws in the US?


Some liberal media for RockB



shit gets sorted out. Blood gets shed.


Yeah but it will hit the other guy in the leg so its ok.


Not if they miss…


Caught on tape:


Wheres the gunman.

This whole shooting thing though is fucked up. First people that like skittles, then people that like batman, now just people. Sad.