Another midscreen unblockable thread/question

any tips for the midscreen unblockable that goes like : elbow, mk tackle, aegis, fk tackle, kneedrop, dash, fk tackle…

I can already do the other ones…the charge partition headbutt and the charge partition tackle but it seems like they all have different timings eventho it should be the same amout of charge right?

anywho i get it once in a while, but i may be doing something wrong so ANY help,tips, anything is appreciated.

Stop saying FK plz.

Only tip I can give is this: when charging for the kneedrop, make sure you’re not including any diagonals. Charge straight d, u+K. Whenever I charge with d/b instead either by accident or instinctively, the final tackle doesn’t come out, probably because including a diagonal causes partitioning or overlapping of charges unintentionally.

That’s all I got.

okay okay…so after i do the rh kneedrop i start the charge partition for the tackle when? after i land? i thought it was something like charge down to up forward and the upforward registers as downback since you land on the other side and the go from there…

Is TacklexxFP Aegis,Dash, Headbutt, MK Tackle, Heabutt, Guard Break a useful setup?

hey wtf is wrong with u? go make your own thread! :arazz: I would like to get this u/b explained before anything…

learn some manners…


Anyways, There’s a vid. on Youtube if you didn’t know. All I can say is, when you go over them, start charging the other direction. I just found this out recently. It’s not that hard. I do it with Q sometimes after the SA1. I slap myself for not thinking of how it can be done.

Back to my question now…:rolleyes:

I believe you have to pre charge the dash tackle’s partition by doing the knee drop as: df, ub, K. This is posted in one of TrueTech’s youtube vids:


i got it…i got it! does a little dance