Another New Darkside Stik!


I’ve got another stik available for offers, “Champloo OJ”. This one is all orange as you’ll notice and is indeed all sanwa. The joystick is a rare optical sanwa flash. The stik is very compact, in fact its actually smaller than the yellow namco stick. Email or pm me with any serious offerz because it is for sell.

Champloo OJ
Another View

:nunchuck: Here’s another one, but this one is already sold.

Another angle


one of your best works!!!


wow, i hate you…in a good way.


Can you post pic of the bottom/inside also? Whould be interessting ^_^.


How much do you charge for sticks Darkside? Just curious, you have some super cool designs man.


very nice, may I ask where you buy your parts?


lol, nothing new to say so its the same praise as last time matey! hmm, orange stck and buttons, that would look goodo n my next stick! thank you;)


very nice work.


What sticks do u got now for sale Tha-Darkside?


Great! Now I have a craving for some oranges. BTW I sent you a pm about the other champloo stick.


bobbb…go to (from his sig)


I like how you make sure to state that the Flash is rare, and then you use it in every damn stick you make.

Eh, I’m just bitin’. I got one of Rod’s last, and I’m just waiting for a worthy project for it.


Um, you do know that Sanwa cancelled production of the flash sticks, right? There is almost no stock left over, especially in America. Himura has completely run out of them.


I do know that, which is why I made sure to get one before they were all gone.

I’m simply commenting on on how Byrdo stresses the rarity amongst his own frequent uses. It amuses me.


Damn… I wonder if you use the snap-ins or the screw-ins.


:clap: Indeed, I would be amused too if tables were turned. Anyway, I took advantage of the opportunity to pik up some flash sticks when I had the chance, but they are pretty rare in fact I only have a few left through a very recent acquisition. So basically I like to stress that because I get alot of emails from people inquiring about them, not realizing that they have been out of production for quite awhile, so once I run out this time then that’s it, I seriously doubt I’ll be able to get anymore. It’s good that you were able to get one of the last for your own projects because it really is one of the best joysticks ever made.

As far as whether I use the snap-in or screw-in buttons, I use both, it doesn’t matter to me. This one has the snap-in type though.


Nice stick man. Wish there were custom builders in the UK so I could snap one of these up without paying ridiculous shipping and tax on top.


darkside… can u explain the exact function the flash has over the JLF… considering a Flash for the stick i msged u about.


Very nice, loks alot different from you usual sticks. :tup:


If you use snap-ins, do the buttons snap into the plastic only?