(Another) new kaillera server WEST COAST


EDIT: Server is moving cuz my host is stupid. New IP will be though I don’t know when they’ll put it up. If the one down there doesn’t work, then use the new one K.

I already paid money before I realized someone already set one up lol :P. Oh wells. Here it is. I’m working with parmountx on this. He runs emularenagrounds on west coast.

West Wonderland


edit: don’t mind the welcome message that’s there right now hehe. The guys who set up my server just cut and paste what they had from emularena grounds…

edit: I got a site up http://ugs19797.atlasservers.com/ not much on it…


I get really low pings when I go on the server. Thanks for setting it up.




dude that rocks. I checked it out today! :tup:


Nice place, thanks!


bump, I’m hoping to get more of a west coast kaillera scene seeing how most of the kaillera scene is east coast right now. I was kinda thinking of doing a third strike tourney. Anyone interested or better yet, anyone wanna organize it for me D:.


Im interested in 3s and depending on when it is i might be able organize it for you


You should come play on planetskill west coast server as well. Today we had a 3-player rotation game which was pretty cool. There are a lot of cool players that frequent the server, and we’d be happy to hook up as many west coast players as possible.

West wonderland is great btw. Who set it up for you?


Yes, I realize we are finding for west coast dominance Rival. You just gave me a carte blanche to try and steal someone from your thread lol. Fair play?

west wonderland is hosted by UGS (ultimate game server) and they set everything up from me (actually, they copied files from emularena grounds so I had their welcome message and settings for a short while <__<). They’re great.

AMB: If your going to do it on my server and organize it. Just drop me a PM with date and time (approximate okay) and I’ll make sure I don’t reset the server then. Otherwise, you can go ahead and organize it how you will :).


how often do you reset your server?



I’m getting tons of people and the server is stable and should be great after my host gets me a permanent IP.


I’m heading there now


site has been updated. Brown of CATZ was nice enough to donate all his superplays.



chippermonky: What’s your nick on the server? I see a lot of ppl with 0 ping.

Also, can you set up either a recorded ranbat or small tourney?


My user is apples, you kicked my fanny a couple times and I got all whiny and quit on you remember lol. I might go by some other variation of fruit. You can always tell it’s me if I’m trash talking on whining to people to donate though :).

Endless, I’m not organizing a tourney because I simply don’t have time. your welcome to organize one in my stead. I’ll be willing to give you admin powers on my server if you do so. PM me date and your ip so I can give you admin.

I’d hold off on that for now though until my server change becomes permanent. I have no idea whats going on over there right now. i hope they resolve my issue soon. Then again, it’s unlikely they’ll pull the plug on my old server in the middle of your tourney.

I’m pretty sure Recording is handled user end so you don’t need to ask my permission for that :).

server rounds off at intervals of about 15.5 ping so if you get 0 it really means <7-8ms. Which is really insanely good :p.


OH that was you. Whoops. Didn’t know.

I won’t take admin powers cuz I’m on at random times.

Depending on how things go (as in, no more new versions of MAME) I’ll maybe organize a small tourney or 2 on 2.


lol, I’m not running the server so people will respect me in matches. I don’t take too much pleasure in winning and i don’t get angry when I loose 20 times in a row.

It’d be great if you organize a tourney, be sure to let me know and post info/replays and crap on it on my rather crappy forums haha :P. (It’s a small forum where we just trash talk each other. It won’t get bigger becaues it can’t because my host only gives me 1 gig of bandwith :P).


This server is completely awesome. Just thought I’d say: Thanks for hosting it.


Terrible lag tonight ugh…
Can we put a limit on amount of ppl there? Or stop the ads? Or something?
Unpredictable lag left and right…sometimes it runs at normal speed, then gets all choppy and unresponsive.
I was pressing dwn LP repeatedly and nothing came out. Ugh.


I’m located in Hawaii (so I’m waay out in the west end), so with that in mind, which server would be best for me (i.e. provide less lag)?

ATM, it seems West Wonderland (around 79 ms ping) is my “best” option, but even then there’s like almost 2 seconds of delay in input. Anyone know of any other servers?