Another new player thread, I guess

I’m new to Street Fighter and fighting games in general, but I’ve always wanted to learn them. I’ve read up a bit on the game and I’ve learned a few simple bread and butter combos and I’m trying to improve my fundamentals.

It goes like this: I love C. Viper, she’s so fun to play and she’s very different thematically from the other characters in the game, but my tech skill isn’t at the level needed to play her at even a basic level and given my history with fighting games, I don’t know that it will be for a while. Like most new players I can’t do even the most basic links with any kind of consistency yet and don’t even get me started on EX Seismo->BK and so forth, that stuff is like 50/50 for me at best. And I can do like, feirce feint feirce in training mode, but using it in a real match is difficult, I tend to panic and do anything.

I was wondering if there’s a character I could play that is a little easier that might prepare me for playing Viper when I am ready to make the transition, or if it’s reasonable to just stick with playing her. In fighting games and in other competitive games (I come from Smash) I tend to have an attraction to very technical characters but I’d really like to do it right this time and learn the right way.

Nothing will prepare you more for Viper than simply playing Viper. “Learning the right way” is simply playing a LOT of matches, getting MUCH more comfortable, spending hours in training mode, etc.

Thanks for that, I’ll stick with it. In terms of learning how to play at a basic level, do you have any words of wisdom? I’m having a little trouble dealing with characters that have really good normals. A friend of mine plays juri for example and while I know (coming from competitive games) that match-ups mean very little at my level of play, I have a lot of trouble with her fast, high-damage normal attacks and I’m really afraid to whiff a seismic hammer. Also, one more thing, is there an easy way to know which burning kick I should use against wihch characters when crossing up? Is it related to size or is it character specific? For example, j.LK->hk.BK, sometimes the BK hitbox connects and sometimes it doesn’t (not referring to whether or not they block it, just to whether or not the hitbox connects to a hurtbox).

Definitely don’t give up just because you’re failing in the start, it’s just a question of getting more consistent with your execution and adding on to your gameplay as you get more comfortable with her, just like the rest of us and with any other character! I think playing around with a few different characters is not a terrible idea though, you don’t need to learn setups or very technical things for everyone, but sometimes variety is good and there are some things that are just easier / more obvious to learn with certain characters, and it can be hard to stay focused on your foundation if this is your first traditional 2D fighter when Viper relies so heavily on options that are pretty execution heavy compared to the essentials of most other characters (and a ton of needless flashy stuff that is still tempting to use as an excuse to not having passed the magical execution barrier!).

Throwing out seismos is a big risk, the startup is very slow and you’re vulnerable to any poke they throw out if you’re close enough (you shouldn’t be throwing them out in that range in the first place). You’ll have more luck catching a poke with EX seismo, but you can still get jumped at / thrown / hit after invincible frames wear off, so that has risks too. The burnkick will whiff if you did the j.LK too far towards the other character. Play around with it in training mode, you’ll be stuck in there for a long time if you’re gonna continue playing her either way. As for playing her, contrary to popular belief, fundamentals do still apply to Viper. So learn how to anti-air, understand your normals and your options in general (and your opponents), play a lot of games, study high level players and be honest with yourself.

Good luck!

I am terrible on wake-up in the corners. I am terrible and many normals keep hitting me. Is blocking the best thing to do and react?