Another newbie


I finally got a ps3 and Extend and a fight stick. I’m loving Blazblue but finding the online community a little hard to break into because

  1. In ranked mode I’m having to face off against a lot of “stylish” Ragnas and Tagers and while I’ve found ways to deal with them it is not really that fun.

  2. Player rooms seem to be pretty cliquey and are always full/restricted.

So anyone out there on PSN also learning BB and wanting to hook up? I’m still kind of a scrub but learning (I play Relius for now).

I’m in Pacific Northwest, my psn name is jackandrew88


Really? People play stylish on ranked? Wacky. I haven’t seen that in ages.

You might try just opening up your own Player Match room. I usually keep it down to 3 people, 2 bar or higher connection. You can train while waiting for folks to show, and at least on XBL, I rarely have to wait long for random folks to trickle in.

Good luck; I don’t have BB for the PS3, so I can’t help you directly.


Thanks for the advice. I did try leaving a room open last night and while it took a WHILE eventually one person showed up and they were good matches! (for me anyways, haha).

The unfortunate part is that every time I’ve done the room thing it takes a long time before anyone shows (if anyone comes).


Remember to friend people and invite them to play with you in the future. :wink: This isn’t the most insanely popular game out there, so depending on when you’re playing, it might be a little slow.

Edit: Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the ‘train while waiting’ feature. It’s a good time to get your combo practice in.


I just got this as a gift for my birthday and it’s only seen 10 minutes of play so far. I’m looking to give SCV and AE a break for a while in favor of this. If you wanna practice a bit, send me a request on PSN – BULLDOGxCOURAGE.


I play this game as my main tourney game (although I’m not that good yet), feel free to add me. My PSN is xXFierywrathXx
and yes I know the x’s are gay, but I didn’t have a choice since my usual tags were taken.



Add me if you’d like. I’m usually on all the time, so feel free to shoot me an invite so we can throw down some matches.


Onslught, mind if I add ya?

I’m not that good but I’m trying my hand at Noel. Got demolished by a Hazama player last night, tryna set some sets.


Sure, go ahead. I’m online right now in Persona but if you wanna play some Extend I’ll switch right over.