Another Nonsense Video - Balrog Midlevel Funsies

Scrub Keyboard Balrog RopeDrink signing in with another corny but (hopefully) fun movie of nonsense.
Figured there’d be no harm chucking this up there.


My videos typically always rotate around Overhead and this is why it’s all low/midlevel - You do not see Overhead used much if at all in top-level play and for good reason, but people like me can get away with it.

To put some words behind some of the clips, I’m that type of Balrog player who relies entirely on the back of trickery and nonsense to win because I’m not that great with footsies and I often don’t even consider spacing.

Examples of some of the things in here:

Headbutt crossovers and fake Headbutt Crossovers - Love them, especially versus chargers, builds meter and keeps your downcharge, leaving the opponent with downcharge, but versus the likes of Honda/Balrog this allows for meaty CMK on wakeup, if they have no meter neither Balrog nor Honda’s Headbutts will work as they’ve no lower invulnerability so headbutt crossover into something like CMK>Jab>Headbutt can be pretty damn handy.

Focus Crumples into TAP Ultra (One of if not the most up and coming typical Ultra setup for me now, it may not be optimal but I wager it’s better than what I normally do, which is Ultra after a typical 5 hit BnB [NOT GOOD])

TAP on UTKD into meaty CMP>Overhead - Purely to mislead, it’ll stop wakeup throw attempts and the typical reaction is to go into downback, which is where the Overhead kicks in. Won’t work well against Light-Mashers or wakeup SRK mashers but those who don’t do this have eaten it quite a lot.

TAP on UTKD into meaty CMK>Whatever. Catches backdashers on most occasions but sometimes not, not as effective as a sweep OS anyways. Ultimately I do this sometimes because on hit it can combo into CShort or CJab or FStanding Jab>Headbutt (Which is what I’ve mostly been using) though if it lands normally I quite like the look of CMK>CJab>CShort>Headbutt purely because it looks fun.

Headbutt on UTKD into EX HB on wakeup, purely because when people see a whiffed headbutt they really don’t expect a second one so damn quick - This is extremely unsafe but in clutch situations it’s worked a charm.

Whiffed Headbutt right into Overhead - Again, so blatantly unsafe but it’s just not something you really expect - My favourite was the Ken player who fell for meaty CMP>Overhead>CShort>Headbutt - Headbutt whiff as he’s getting up right into EX Overhead.

Autocorrected Ultra, ironically this (and the two ArmorCancel Ultra’s I’ve done vs someone else) have all been completely accidental, but at least it connected so I kept the clip.

Ragequits, a few crappy perfects, one in particular being a revenge perfect versus a Fuerte, made a major fucking error Ultra’ing after his whiffed Ultra as I activated when too high and went right under him in the corner, thankfully he went for his slide and my reaction on seeing my error was to Super, hoping to catch him do something… Well, it worked.

Ultimately nothing shown is anything new but I use as much of it all as I can to keep my opponent thinking - It’s a cross between recklessly unsafe to the point where some players are forced to hold back, invariably resulting in them eating overheads and stuff… Again, this is all fancy wording to sugar-coat the fact that it’s just nonsensical midlevel fun you won’t see in Top play but personally I love playing Balrog like this and it gets a lot of compliments, people are grateful to see a Balrog on GFWL who isn’t turtling 100% or just mashing CJab like a cunt.

Anyways, hope people like it, it’s nothing special, I like to just dump my recordings into a movie every week.