Another noob thread, hi lf players!



Hello everyone!

I would like thank those who have helped me so far, but i would ask the guile community for a little more help.

Here is my situation. I live in a small southern town with little too no gamming community the nearest arcade is 3-5hours away to do any type of networking so i have been trying on xbox live, but most people are either rude, ragers or never online.

I know as a new player with little knowledge i dont need to bother higher ranked players with the little stuff, but once again the networking online to find player to get better and raise my awarnesss of the match i need to fight other players. I feel fighting the cpu is not what i need to be doing. Now i have been watching the hell out of some youtube videos from pro matches to sonicflash and Geo insider channel.

So if anyone is active on xbox live and has time to kill i would love to spend time on endless matches and just play for fun and just get some tips to soak up.