Another Noob Thread (UMvC3)

Ive been reading these forums for a while now, trying to soak up any information I could to play better, but there are still some things I have been trying to figure out that I havent seen been asked or answered. I’ve been playing marvel since the second one, but umvc3 is the first where I actually want to play better and I love watching all the tournaments and what not.

The main thing I haven’t necessarily learned to do very well is defense. I feel like I can play semi well with the combos I do know but I get slaughtered online and its because I cant usually even get in and open somebody up or use any opportunities very well to hurt someone. I was wondering if you guys had any sort of tips or tutorials I could check out. Theres no point in me even learning to combo if I cant use them right.

Another thing that isnt as big a deal is just certain terms I dont know well enough because maybe I havent used those in my gameplay. Examples are delayed hyper combos and “opening” someone up and all that other jargon.

The team I use most of the time is Wolverine/Akuma and a few different third characters that I havent really decided on. At the moment its been Vergil, but I have also been using dormammu and Spencer. I try to use everyone at least occasionally just to get the feel of them and Im not against totally switching up my team and trying something new.

Anyways im always on here trying to soak up anything I can and was hoping I could get some other tips from everyone. Thanks

What catches out your defense specifacally? Or rather, what do you feel is the tool your opponents are most consistently killing you with?

Well I really only play with one other buddy and he’s not too much trouble but I guess I feel like I cant get in on an opponent, and find myself just trying to jump into them and start attacking. I guess what im saying is that my defense in general just isnt very good. I know most of my bnb combos for my main characters but I cant use them if I cant get near them. Maybe Im not blocking enough or correctly, but for the most part whenever I read or watch a tutorial its all about offense.

I guess you could say Im trying to learn how to move around comfortably and be able to actually connect and start a combo. I can wavedash ok and all that but that doesnt make my fundamentals good, its just more flashy to me in the long run cuz Im not good at moving in and out of danger and finding openings.

Well Akuma’s tatsu assist pretty much gives you license to reset mixups left right and centre when you’re in and wolvie’s already a beast rushdown, so you shouldn’t just be jumping in, lol. I assume you know to block low generally and how to pushblock. Sadly he can’t just charge through projectiles like he used to (well… Sadly for Wolvie players - I love it XD)
Anyways, if you just want basic rushdown tactics, with wolvie, cover your magic series endings with Tatsu and mix in qcb+l, jump in attacks, empty jumps into throw or crouching light etc. etc. Basically, just reset your offence with your assists if you’re learning the ropes, its a good way to start. =)

Ill def try some of that, I dont know why I thought jumping in works well but I think its because any time im dashing at them or what not, they always seem to get me first, whether im cancelling out of it or not.

And ya I know how to block ha but I guess I was wondering if there was a better way to do it. Its really just the whole movement part of the game thats throwing me off a lil. I need to find certain ways to get setup so I can punish someone because at the moment Im just jumping in and attacking for the most part ha.

I know im nowhere close to being ready for tournament play but when I watch people like combofiend or wong, it seems like they are moving so fast and giving themselves such a huge advantage. I wana be able to know how I can get in on an opponent consistently, but I also know everyone is different. It feels like im just a step behind and stuck in the same place I have been since I started playing again.