"Another one already? Catch ya later, kiddos!" The Asuka Kazama Thread

Thread dedicated to my Favourite female character in the game.<br>
Combo’s<br>b!= Bound<br>
d/b+1, 1+4, 2,1,1+2 b!<br>
2,1,1+2 b!<br>
u/f+3, d/f+1,2, 2,1,1+2 b!<br>
u/f+3, 1+4, 2,1,1+2 b!<br>
b+4,2 b!<br>
b+4,2, u/f+3, b+2,4,3<br>
1+4, 2,1,1+2 b!<br>
<b>b+3,4 </b>(hit confirm)<br>
b+3,4,3, d+2 b!<br>
b+3,4,3 2,1,1+2 b! (the 2,1,1+2 has to be faster than normal)<br>
2,1, 2,1,1+2 b!<br>
d/b+4,3, d+2 b!<br>
1+4,2,1,1+2 b!<br>
2,1, 2,1,1+2 b!<br>
1+4,2,1,1+2 b!<br>
<b>df,d,df+1+2 (Grab)</b><br>
uf+3,1+4,2,1,1+2, b!<br>
<b>Wall Combo’s</b><br>
f+1,4, 4<br>
<b>Combo Enders</b><br>
ff+2+1+2 (This doesnt work with every combo however it is more damage than ff+2,1)<br>
<b>Unique Tag Throws</b><br>
Lili,Jun,Alisa,Jaycee (b+1+2+5)<br>
This is all pretty basic stuff will add more later, feel free to add ur own stuff since I kno some of u will kno more than I do

:eek: Asuka is a pretty neat character.

Other great launchers in CH d+3+4 (amazing move), WS 3, d/f+2, CH b+4 (another great move) and f+2.

f+[3], f+2~b_d/b and WS+1+2~d are all movement cancels that let her play around when she has that luxury.

She’s got standard Kazama-style high/mid reversals with b+2+4 and b+1+2. 2+3 is your anti-jab sabaki and d/f+1+2 is a good low sabaki that gives you w!.

Her sidestep game is pretty coo. SS 2 and SS 4 especially are great moves with tons of tracking and they’re incredibly safe.

While her w! game doesn’t seem particularly damaging, she’s got decent options there, but you have to be spot on with the pickups. Tons of moves give w! and for especially high ones, you can tag your opponent with an u/f+2 and 1+4, 2, d+4 can be modified to 1+4, 2, 4.

2, 3 is your standard i12 (I think?) punisher and it’s NC, which is really good. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to tap 1 and bounce.

I’d put more, but I gotta go. I’ll be back.

I’ll add some more basic stuff.

When using d/b+4,3 ender you can buffer a tag to bring your teamate in for oki.

Also f+2 with a tag buffer seems to launch just high enough for your partner to do what they would do off a normal launch. (It also covers quite the distance for punishing)

Hello, new thread. <3

After f+2 , I do u/f+3, 1+4, 2,1,1+2 TA to Jun ff+2,3, Asuka dash f+2.

For wall ender, what do you all use? I do f+1,4

I use F+1, 4, 4

I will add some of this stuff 2 the original post

[S]Looking at Asuka’s d+3+4 and its looking really good, both in game (low launcher into full juggle) and in the frame data on avoiding the puddle (only -6 on block) yet I’m not seeing it mentioned anywhere, is there some fatal flaw to it I’m missing here?[/S]
(nvm, found it mentioned here)

Same with f+1,4 which seems to be the same thing with a mid on the front to help mixup and cover ground (not sure if it has the same framedata since it’s not on the list)

Also is df,d,df+1+2 any good for opening people up, it seems like a good throw since it launchs for a full juggle but again I’ve heard nothing about it.

Anyway, a few juggles off the above, just remember there may be some fatal flaw to the launchers I’m missing.



From crouch df,d,df+1+2

Does Asuka have any other unique tag-throws other than with Jun? I’ve tried to get one with Lili, but for the life of me, they won’t do it!

I will add these combos 2 the list only reason I didnt add the lift kicks combos in is simply because of the diffcultly of actually hitting the full lift kicks launcher. I have tried to use it in several matches and it never hits simply because its so easy 2 block but i should add all combos regardless of there uses so, my bad. Also r u sure the crouch combo works?

She also has Unique Tag Throws with Alisa and Jaycee (b+1+2+5) the input for the Lili one is the same as these.

After further testing f+1,4 is probably counterhit only.

Crouch combo definitely works though crouching df,d,df1+2 is a grab that tosses the opponent up into the air behind you so if something different is coming out you may be doing it wrong. (btw. I meant you have to be crouching, not the opponent if that was a source of confusion)

Oh ok it the lauch grab gotta ya

thank you all so much i have been looking for help like this since i dont know anything so thanks you really helped :smiley:

What are Asuka’s best TA fillers?

:eek: For her short basic filler, you probably want d/b+4, 3.

For a longer one, you can do d/b+4, 4, 3 or b+2, 1, 4_3.

For a filler at the wall, I haven’t experimented, but b+2, 1+2, 4 sounds like it hurts and it also splats at the end, I believe.

I just found out you can hold her counter to lengthen it by a lot. B+1+3 or B+2+4 (hold the buttons to prolong counter stance.)

Combo off her sweep: 3~4, WS 4, f+2
Got anymore combos off her sweep? Brian gets huge damage off his sweep. I want that with Asuka.

:eek: You can get a full juggle, but it’s pretty tight.

3~4, WS+4, dash, 1+4, [S]2, 1, 1+2[/S] d+2 B! WS+1, 4_f, f+2, 1_d/b+4, 3. The dash into Heron Dance is super tight, but that’s essentially how you can convert.

You can also cancel the sweep by holding d/b if I remember right. If nothing has changed from T6, this is essentially the fastest fake out cancel in the game and it’s pretty potent.

At the wall, you can do 3~4 into d1+2 for slightly more damage (49 instead of 48) but you don’t get that awkward wall splat from 3~4 WS4 and you can’t seem to get f+2 off it, so I just do d1+2 instead.

My poking game with Asuka is terrible What gd pokes do u guys use? I kno about d/f 1,2