Another one bites the dust. 22 year old teacher accused of having sex with 15 year old male student


i wasnt gonna care about this until i went to the facebook group and saw some male apologist, and it annoyed me. so lets all talk about how we wish we were in high school again, and rate her looks, along with other non perverse conversations. lol

4 people liked that post, and 2 commented and agreed with him. REALLY!!?? you agreed with a man who just justified statutory rape like it was nothing because they just might be in love with each other. looooool. i bet if that was his 15 year old daughter getting rammed and jizzed on her face by a 22 year old male teacher. he would be raging at the tip of insanity.

it seems that this stemmed from some homeschooling sessions over the summer, but there isnt currently much to the story right now details wise, so we will have to see how it develops. maybe its an angry teen accusing her of something she didnt do because he couldnt fuck, or most likely she did it, because the last bitch proclaimed her innocence, then got bopped by the law. that was the jostin foster case.

but i mean, this fool doesnt even know her like that, probably just loose associates in high school. 5 years later hes like, no way would she do that, and even if she did, we just dont understand and should leave them alone. there is a reason we have laws in place good sir, and im sure one could make some type of fancy pants argument that they should be allowed to fuck, im going to go on ahead and say no. i dont ever want to create a culture where we accept horny males and females getting these teaching jobs and knowing they can fuck the students and its just fine. even if the dude was 17 and it was legal by law, nah, you gots to go shorty.

i dont know whats up with all these under 25 pretty females getting caught up on high school penis, but be embarrassed. but all that seriousness aside. man, sometimes i think, like could i have fucked at least one of my teachers growing up? if i did, would she get caught? NOPE, because if she said, dont tell anyone or else i will end up in prison. i would be like okay, stfu and pound away. loool. i remember wanting to pound my english teacher, and she wasnt even hot. just some angry, semi chubby, nerdy 40 something lady that i was just like, 1)im horny and i wanna bang any vagina, 2) something about older women when your young is a fucking huge turn on, 3) i was like shes just upset shes not getting any dick, and a nice pounding will make her happy. haha

what would i think of her in hindsight if i banged a teacher like 20 years older then me back then, because they werent all young and sexy like they are now. i dont think i would think anything of it other then whoa that chick is totally a pedo and is probably in jail, but i gots mine. its hard for that to ruin a guy unless the teacher youre fucking is an unstable psycho who is going to stalk you forever, but regardless of my hypothetical i dont condone that behavior at all. even if i was single and fucked an 18 year old right now, i would feel mad weird. as soon as i heard her say something about school work, sat’s, or freshmen year in college, id be like yeah we cannot talk anymore. lol

i mean, are these nubian white princesses really out here that lonely and thirsting for a good pounding and someone to love them. well i guess any good looking single man would say yes, yes they are, because there are a lot more single women then single men, and always will be, but you cant start banging the students cause youre getting coochie cobwebs hunny. you gotta go figure that shit out somewhere else with people of age.


I’d hit that, too. Nice job, 15-year-old high-school kid!


What’s with the explosion of female pedophiles in the last few years?

And do these teachers have to register as sex offenders? You know, like guys who date girls only a little younger then them even if the girl lies about her age?


oh yeah, i didnt put in my vote. yeah shes pretty attractive. i love that facial feature that some white women have. i dont know how to describe it. its mousey kinda. lol. id definitely have smashed at 15 too, and its still smashable now, except at 15 i woulda been raging in the pants every teaching session we had. lol


This is bullshit, when I was in highschool there was this mad hot English teacher who was from Russia or some shit. I jerked off a lot with her in my thoughts. She Always wore clothing that…err complimented her assets real nice. She knew what she was doing to us 15 year olds.

Oh yeah and I would smang this teacher at 15 obviously, 8/10 would smang etc.


Teacher-student is inappropriate for several reasons, sure.

But the age difference here? When he turns 18 she’ll be 24, 25 at most.

Not a big fuckin’ deal.


Not that anyone cares, but while a portion of society congratulates young boys for sleeping with their teachers, I wonder how the parents take it.

“My son just made honor roll again this year.”
“My son is graduating a year early.”
“My son slept with his hot teacher. I’m so proud of him.”


Not surprised. With everyone shaming men for everything, the women have been playing the innocent victim fooling everyone. They twisted men’s natural and at times embarrassing action to defend females. People are surprised. Well no shit. The reality is that they are just as bad if not worse than the men. Not like this matters anyway. Pussy power is help reduce any punishment she gets.


I don’t get it

Is it a power thing? Bitch looks 16 herself

I don’t get why she would bang some snot nosed kid with nothing going for him

Or why the kid would tell people


would bang :coffee:

every hole :coffee:


Man, I wish I went to a white high school.


Why is she being charged with sexual assault? I’m kind of new to this but it doesn’t sound like the boy was forced into it.


I’d beat the mutha fuckin breaks off dat young, prime vagina. What are you niggas in New Jerz doing, that got her getting her rocks off with a prepubescent lil scrub.

Yes I’m jelly/mad.


Who the hell keeps snitching on these people?
Oh and mandatory “Where were these teachers when I was in high school?” comment.


I wish my university had these hot young teachers. All we have is saggy grannies teaching chemistry and shit :frowning:


Can’t wait to read the texts

“Did you read up on your homework?”
“i want your dick”

Honestly i can see this bitch turning down so many dudes, dudes with careers, houses, who can drive their own car.

And she says “i won’t be caught”

Then fucks him

I remember if you fucked a chick you didn’t tell authorities or the principal you told your friends.

But kids are stupid ab


Exactly. She could be turning down men who have something to offer, but sleeping with inexperienced young boys who probably didn’t even last long. :coffee:


i wonder if for those women who dont care about how big and strong you are, what car you drive, where you live, or what you do, they are more inclined to find themselves in these type of positions with relationships with people of a certain age with not much going on but thinking about fucking without a condom and what their friends are doing on twitter.

also, as times change and imo cultural generational gaps get smaller, but they might be at the smallest they can be now, how far removed is a 22 year old from a high school student. i mean, she graduated in 2008. loool. her whole entire youth was online, and deeper shenanigans then just wandering in the woods playing hide stupid games, or setting shit on fire.

i wonder if she simply didnt grow out of that high school mentality yet because the bullshit is still so engrained in her. now i mean these are allegations, and it could turn out to be bullshit for her case at least. see i dont really identify with people even like 5 years younger then me much, unless they grew up with a lot of old school influence. ten years younger then me, forget about it. mentally i throw most of them in the trash can. i mean im not even that old, which i think is what boggles my mind that even a 22 year old, i question whether we are even on the same level at all, and that they might actually still be on some highschool/college (one in the same thing) bullshit.

random thought


Yea, but she probably gets turned on by the thought of horny boys having their way with her…

like hentai :cool:


I wouldn’t go as far to say that we know that he has “nothing going for him”.

Back in school when I took AP Physics I was 15? 16? There was this other guy in my class who derived a crazy ass formula in 10 minutes and my Science teacher started screaming in the hallways about how big of an accomplishment that was. IIRC, it was something that he was working on for years that he couldn’t even do. Ended up getting a full scholarship to NYU and graduated early.

Where I’m going with this is that he could be bright, mature and just an overall good looking guy who happened to like his teacher. His teacher could of recognized his qualities and wanted a relationship with him. We don’t have any information on the student at all.

I don’t see why the press makes a big deal out of something like this at all. He’s fully aware of his actions, she’s fully aware of her actions so I don’t see why it would be a big deal. I would completely understand if it was an elementary school student or a middle school student, but this kid’s in high school. He’s a big-boy now.

Finally, we’re unaware of how the police found out about their relationship. Who knows? Maybe they truly did like each other and it was blackmail by a 3rd party.

It’s not going to be that big of a difference if he was 18 anyway. He would be 18 and she would be like 25. Although I think it’s a bit pathetic (edit: a lot pathetic) , I know nothing of the student and his relationship with the teacher. We know NOTHING about the student.