Another option select throw topic

This is definitely the weak point of my game. The crouching os is just not working for me lol. Am I supposed to time the crouch tech with my opponents hits or between hits? Can’t I use os techs to avoid 50/50 mix ups like hurricane kick into throw/shoryuken. Thanks in advance!!

try to time it to the rhythm of their attack.

if you spam it it usually wont work.

Thanks for the quick reply!

You need to be anticipating and predicting when it will come out. Theres another post literally 2 lines down from this one, and a guy in there pretty much broke it down pretty easily.

Also, if you ever get caught in Tatsumaki and you are unsure if the Ryu player will SRK or throw you, Hold down/back and block and use OS tech accordingly. If the Ryu player SRKs, you block it and its a free punish. If he throws you, you tech it. But you need to pay attention to the fight. There is no magical cure.