Another Pedestal

Every time there is a new street fighter i have the urge to build something new…I was playing street fighter v using my SF4 cabinet with PS3 stick is such a hassle. Just browsing around the next day and saw amazon has one Hori VLX in stock. I need a pedestal as well… and here it is. On friday night i just built a quick mock up without any plan to try on the HORI since it arrives within 2 days. Today the weather is so beautiful that I need to make it look a little nicer. Total 6 hours so far.

Friday —


Since i have no plan before hand, just build as i go. I made one big mistake . i had the wrong angle if you look at picture #1.

Nice work.

What that hinged panel for in your stand?

Just the cheap $2 at Home Depot . The trick to make it stays at any angle is to tap with the hammer to make it tight

I think the question was more of "What’s it for?"
I had the same question as well. :slight_smile:

Between this

and this. For me this is what it is for :slight_smile:

All done. I may remove the door. stretch out the legs seem to be more comfortable lol

Not bad at all, You did a great job.
There would be things that I would do different personally but I am not the one building the stand.
My critique would be I would sand down the plywood a bit more, maybe use some wood filler but your stand is more likely build tougher that that those DIY build your own Arcade Cab kits that are made from particle board.

I would have done the wood filler and pay attention to more details if it is summer time now.

Wow, great work.


Please do share your thoughts as I will build a second one in the summer and finish up this one. The only thing i would do now is the flexi and move list for the cover box top. Other than that -5 C tomorrow here in Toronto ;(. I needed something quick and simple and i made something more than what I had in mind hehehe.

Nah, you misunderstood me.
Darksakul asked what the hinged panel was for, and I was wondering the same thing.
But you showed what that was for in the subsequent pics, so yeah. :slight_smile:

Great work nonetheless!
I want to build one myself as well, but I don’t quite have the room to stash something like this when not in use.

Sorry I misunderstood both of you :(.

Didn’t plan to build the hinged panel top at first. But I thought the storage box top would be more useful than the bottom box for easy access to remote , little thing etc