Another PS3 TE on PC thread


So I have a Madcatz MvC3 PS3 TE stick. Wow, it doesn’t work. What a surprise. Fast forward a month, now have in my possession this chip that people say works wonders. It doesn’t. I plug it into all 5 USB slots, and they all are not recognizing it. I open PC AE and it acts as if the stick is holding down+right the entire time. At least it’s picking up something, right?

So I plug it in to a regular usb slot, I get nothing. I plug it back into the VIA slot, and now It’s not even getting down+right. It doesn’t get ANYTHING. I have tried Motionjoy, x360ce emulating, xpadder, and JoyToKey. None work. Windows doesn’t even see the bastard when I push buttons on it. Great.

Is there some magic fix that 48+ hours of googling won’t find?


Did you try moving the selector switch from DP to LS?


Tried it all. I tried having it on every switch, changing it while in-game, plugging it in with each switch on, nothing.