Another Question

As I bad player, I have no chance in stopping someone when they consistanly jump, attack, sweep, oh hey i actually got a takedow… SHORYUKEN!. Its Really annoying. Even when i block, they still somehow hit me and im learning absolutly nothing from these losses. Just people use stupid tactics to win or that im just awful. How can I beat these types of players?

You aren’t being very specific but it sounds like you have just started the game, in which case you shouldn’t really be expecting to win much anyway. Just keep playing

Sounds like you need to improve your pressure. Your opponent is under the impression that you are easy to take advantage of. Even though you may not have much knowledge of counters and mix ups, you can still show your confidence during the match by maintaining a strong ground game. Which character do you play as? By knowing your character’s basic fundamentals, you can show your opponent that you still pose a threat to his/her play style.

I still havnt really gotten a main chartacter i like to use yet. I like using Ryu, E Honda, El Fuerte, and Sagat.

Start with Ryu and practice low medium kick into hadouken. This is called a two-in-one. This is useful because it pushes your opponent away from you. Basically a “fuck you, you aren’t getting in mah face.” What you want to do is control your space. Fireballs do a good job of that. Another way of showing your opponent that you mean business is to punish jump-ins on reaction. This make take a little time because half of it has to do with your execution, but once you get it down, you can effectively limit your opponent’s options when attacking you.

In general you shouldn’t be jumping a lot in Street Fighter games because you leave yourself vulnerable to a lot of things in the air. It also tells the opponent that you are desperate to land a hit if he is pressuring you.

Find a good player on SRK who is willing to teach you basics. Offline teaching is better but online will help.

Watch replays of yourself. Keep track of how you take the most damage - is it the opponent’s mixups? Is it you doing reversals and getting punished? Is it you dropping a combo? Is it the opponent doing reversals all day and you not blocking?