Another quick and final question with FGWidget and ps360+!

So I’ve been browsing around tech talk for the installation tutorial for the fgwidget. I’ve seen many of the good one. The thing is, i could fine one with the ps360+. In most tutorials, there’s soldering which is which, where and where. The thing i’m confuse about is the terminal block. I’m not really sure if it’s mandatory or not, but i dont see any terminal block in the ps360+. Do i just solder the buttons without soldering the terminal block? I’m not even sure where the terminal block is in the ps360+… Any ideas that can help me? Picture of how it’s set up can help.

I couldnt find the one with the ps360+.****
Whoops didnt recheck my horrible grammar. D:

Terminal block on the PS360 is that bank of screws on one-side of the PS360+.

Bottom bank. Screws are on top, you insert exposed wiring through the side, tighten it down to connect it to the PCB.

No soldering required. Just a mini-flathead and some wire strippers.

That’s where i can insert the fgwidget wires into the screw terminal right? So basically i have to put one wire from the button and the arceye3 or knsert wires into one terminal where they belong?