Another Reason to Hate Gfaqs


one of the comments say “nice favorites”

its asian girls kissing

hmmmm :confused:


I have sudden dislike for this man.

I wish I could punch him

He sounds like a robot.

men aren’t applicable for stairs are they?

You could always temporaraly turn gay, throw him down the stairs and then instantly un-gay and walk away…

haha yes, I’ll turn gay :wink:

but seriously, so much hate I have for him. Just so many hateable things in one person

i liked the response video, raffle.


Never before has a man been so white

This has suddenly become the second main reason I hate gfaqs, and I dont even HAVE a psp.


What a joke.

This guy acted so hard, then this video comes along.


The line “all you custom firmware emulators” cracks me up… :rofl:

I bet he sits and whacks off to his favourites while surfing Gfaqs all day…


holds up 3 fingers

what a douche

lol at the jacking-off

Shoulda showed clips of that deformed 300 guys.

Could that pokemon scene still cause Seizures?

That video makes me ashamed to be white.

And rofl @ the kid in the background of his second vid. :lol: