Another Rest In Peace Avatar to pay my respects to Mummy-B

i dunno what line should i make …

" farewell mummy-B …"

pls …

Is it me or are people ignoring your av threads? I’ve seen you make lots for Rival Schools and you’ve bumped the lot of them to no avail.

up to you if you wanna use

ah thanks

It isn’t anything personal towards him, but rather, no one has any Rival Schools resources to make avs with.

Before 3S got emulated, 3S av requests were ignored.

Why can’t they just pop in a copy of the original Rival Schools for the PSX, and run it on an emulator (screen cap->clean)?

IIRC, Rival Schools and Rival Schools 2 were both for the PS1. And I know people have PS1 emulators.

Plus, there’s plenty of fanart and official capcom artwork floating around.

Not the same as Project Justice, but… At least it’s something?

Thats the thing, he’s always provided the pics he wanted, but no one would make it.

Just Wondering

How Did He Die And Was He Big On This Site. I Havent Posted Here In A Long Time. No Disrespect.

He died of cancer.
He was one of the most popular members of SRK, so yes, he was big on this site.

Check the sticky in General Discussion.

3S got emulated? When did this happen? And how long have I been living under a rock O_o CPS3 is actually emulated? Christ…did hell freeze over?

I was rather curious how people were making 3S av’s and ripping sprites n’ such… :confused: Crap…I’ve been missing out!

Nope, CPS3 wasn’t emulated, the 3S rips are from the DC version which are ripped via the DC emu chankast.

Ah I see…I was kinda hoping CPS3 was emulated, but a DC emulator is just as good.

my brother had cancer 2 times and overcame so if feel for anyone who has to go through that.