Another shaft cover alternative?


So I was looking for a green or gold 7/11 straw like rtdzign suggested but looking up close they don’t really matched the gold case or the buttons’ colors. The gold is too bright & the green is darker. Then while glooming over the 2 x 99 cents + CA tax, I noticed something on my tool box & decided to use it.

A 0.5 inch green shrink.


is that a heat shrink tubing?


Yes it is. Also very cheap & easy to apply/remove.


A short tutorial would be realy nice.

  1. Slide heatshrink over shaft.
  2. Shrink with heat gun or heatshrink oven.
  3. Cut off excess heatshrink.
  4. Replace balltop.

Not exactly the most difficult thing. Just don’t try to shrink the heatshrink with a lighter, use the proper method described in step 2, or you can end up with a really ugly end product.


a hair dryer works too,