Another Shopping List Thread


I apologize in advance for the lame thread. Maybe it will be of use to others.

Someone smarter than myself please read this over and make sure that my list is kosher. I’ve only played on a Happ stick before and I bought an Mad Catz SE that I’m going to convert to a Seimitsu stick. All of the item names/numbers are for

1 x LS-32-01: I don’t think I need to purchase a separate mounting plate? Please correct me if this is wrong.

8 x PS-14-K-N: Screw-ins. I already broke a damned Mad Catz snap-in nub off removing the button once! :sad: The real things probably aren’t this cheesy but I’ve never had a problem with Happ’s screw-in style.

2 x PS-14-K-N: Extra nuts. I read that one nut has to be filed down for screw-ins to work with the mounting plate. This should give me a few in case I screw it up.

1 x H5P: Extra Seimitsu wiring harness. I was thinking about putting in a PS1 PCB instead of the PS3 and this would allow me to gut the existing PCBs and return it to stock if I so chose.

1 x LB-30N: Battop just for grins. I don’t expect to actually use this.

1 x LB-39: Clear Seimitsu bubble top. Another just for fun purchase.

1 x LS32-Main Guide Round: Circular gate? I don’t even know if I can use this but it cost a dollar.

Any obvious or fun/cheap addons I’m missing?

Thanks in advance,


You can use the circle gate.

But uh, otherwise looks fine.


Thanks, that just leaves me with this question then:

Actually, I’ll need some new QDs as well. The connectors on theirs look a different than what I’m used to but I’ll hopefully get it sorted. I may get those elsewhere.


The LS-32-01 fits into the old Madkatz mounting plate no problem.


Awesome, thank you. It looks like there’s a special (?) crimping tool for their QDs. Anyone have experience with these? Should I just get the normal ones from fleebay?