Another Silly Avatar Request

I was wondering if someone could make me an avatar with Kyo. I would like him to be doing the speacal where he holds his hand up and its on fire and you can charge it then a big flame spouts out. Been a while since ive played anything but A3 so I dont remeber what its called. It would be cool if he would be doing it to some army dude. And put the name Drizzt Do’Urden in it somewhere. Has to be 150x150 pixels

Thanks in advance.

Asking for avs ONE DAY after asking for another is quite disrespectful.

Are you fucking retarted?!?

Not only do you make two avatar requests in the span of two days (which is very rude). But you’re not even premium…so the restricitions are 160x64 pixels and 19.5 kb.

And even if you were premium then they would be 160x160 and 48.8 kb.

Get a damn clue.

Well, I asked for an avatar 2 days ago and didnt know what I wanted so this guy just used one he had. I figured out what I wanted today so I figured I would ask again. I dont think thats rude. I told the guy that made it for me thanks more than once. And the avatar isnt for this site. Thats why it has to be 150x150.

You should be more specific on what you want. I thought the av you wanted was for this site so when you said 150x150 & like 2000 something kb, I was like WTF!? so i just made it 160x64. Then you said to cut the length to 150, but you never told me to put the width 150 as well. I thought you were joking bout the 150x150. Next time say its for another site.