Another simple noob deciding to join this genre


Hello SRK, where do I even start? I am quite a bit of a backseat gamer when it comes to Street Fighter. Whenever there is EVO or any major tournaments that appear on stream, I always tend to watch. Until recently I decided to actually try to relearn the game instead of being a backseat gamer again. A few years ago I tried to be serious when SSF4 recently came out at the time. I even bought a TE-R2 arcade stick along with it knowing that it is a necessity in the long run but that drive didn’t last very long. I just recently purchased SF4AE for PC because well I don’t own a console. Simple as that. Of course, the moment I got my stick hooked up to my PC (ps3 version) I instantly went to training mode to get use to arcade stick again. Went in with Ryu, doing countless DP and fireballs till I seemed satisfied. I want to learn to play Yun/Yang but for now Yun because I like the character not because of tier.

This is where the crying starts. Reason for going back to the game is because I do have a small group of friends that are playing it again and I decided to tag along. These group of friends are casuals not knowing how to combo type casuals. I want to go a step or two higher because I am getting wrecked by their shenanigans which we all know it can be quite annoying. I tried breaking down combos for hours but I am not going anywhere. Whenever me and my group have a session, out of 50 rounds, I would like one by the time its over. That is me strictly trying to play Yun because I am dedicated to learn one character. If I really wanted to win, I would just go on Ryu and to fireball or DP when they jump in. I would win majority of the time with him. I know losing is a learning factor but I am going nowhere at the rate I am playing this game at. I read and watched most of the helpful threads and videos on the SRK forums. I think I just need someone that can tell me what I am doing wrong instead of going into a room where its all play and laugh till someone is going to bed or afk.

I feel like this thread is going nowhere, so I am going to stop here. If someone is willing to give some advice at all or be a friend. I would appreciate it a lot.


Well, against most inexperienced players your best option is to stay patient, block their offense, anti-air them, and then punish them whenever they leave themselves open. I mean, if they’re actually beating you 50/50 times then it means they’re doing something right, because if they really were just button-mashing you’d be able to get some matches off them.

You’re still a beginner, and combos are the least important things a beginner has to learn. For now, just stick with simple 2-in-1 cancels and target combos. It’s your spacing, anti-airs, and getting used to reacting to and punishing unsafe moves that you should really worry about.

Any chance you can record any footage of yourself playing?


They also just recently started playing with a arcade stick too like not even a week and they wrecking me. I haven’t tampered with any of the recording but ill try to get a few. But in all honesty, if you were to watch me play it would be back pedaling and blocking in a corner and wait for them to stop hitting for a second then I would try to do something to get out but in the end, get hit while trying to escape and knock right back into the corner. I don’t try to do combos. I try to play safe but apparently too safe. Also its two people that I play with. They can go at it but for me. I would be lucky to even take a round out of a match. So I am assuming I should stop playing Yun and go back to Ryu?


Ryu is more appropriate for someone to get a feel for how the game works. If you’re getting bullied into the corner, or just walking yourself into the corner, then it means you’re probably not doing things like poking or anti-airing well, aka standing your ground. Also, if they’re constantly hitting buttons on top of you, then throw out a DP as a “get off me.” When you play too safely, it also makes you extremely predictable and easy to get in on. Doing a calculated “random” reversal might make them slow down a bit, and allow you to be able to handle the pace of the match better.


Vs casuals:
Block and punish - Find something pokey with a low startup (crMK is usually a sure shot) and throw it out when they’re in your face mashing like hell. If they go for something meaty and you block it, throw out a sweep, or even a throw into the corner, then back out and start your game. Practice footsies and zoning to keep yourself from getting repeatedly cornered.

Anti air - casuals JUMP, so stay on the deck and look for it, don’t get cocky and try to DP everything that’s in the air, typically a crouching HP is decent enough and easier to recover from if you miss.

air defense - casuals JUMP…again haha get used to blocking standing up on jump ins, sounds like you’re turtling up and even casuals who haven’t played in 10 years remember the virtues of crossing up a turtle. Be sure to crouch block and even crouch tech upon their landing, as the common response to missing a jump in or cross up is sweep, throw or SRK.

use normals - casuals like specials and heavies. Combat this with lights and mediums. Its pretty vague and basic, but if you dial back and just poke at mashy opponents it’s often enough to make them reevaluate their approach.

play casual - sounds like you’ve found a bunch of people that just want to hang out with a bit of street fighter, don’t ruin it by going all MLG haha. Play for fun, it sounds like it might bother you a little that theyre winning without seriously investing in the game, but there’s nothing wrong with that, get some beers in and just enjoy noobing about with them. We have a megadrive night every so often here and EVERYONE sucks, but its kind of the point. If you’re getting frustrated when you lose to basic stuff, you’ll just tighten up and get into more trouble, try to have a laugh with it.
Marcellus Wallis and pride and all that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


You can always look at the leader boards for top Yun players and watch their replays. Try to copy what they do. If your not getting good after some time you might as well just stay casual and move on.


If you want someone to play with and possibly get a few pointers from, you can add me on Steam if you want. I’m not the best player around, but I know enough to give feedback, and I remember very clearly what things I did wrong when I started out playing this game myself.

Steam name is the same as my nick here, btw.


You can’t just watch top players and try to emulate them without understanding the game first. Honestly, while watching a top player can drive a player to improve, it can also frustrate beginners because of the disparity between what they know to be high-level play, and the way they actually play.

That doesn’t mean that watching top players is unhelpful, but you have to be able to glean what’ll actually be helpful to you from those videos.


Thanks for all your replies. Yeah, I tend to learn more from people pointing out what I could have done and why my execution was so messy and stuff. For sure over the pass few days I stopped pressing buttons when being bombarded with attacks causing counters and making an effort to block hits correctly. Is there an area where I can post to find players that would play with me so that they can critic me as I progress?


Try not to let people get you in the corner in the first place. A lot of new guys seem content to just dash back or let you walk them there.


Well. Good news? I can actually hold off on my own for a lot longer than I could use to before. Now I am assuming I should actually try to learn some BnB combos. Who knew linking could be so hard. Max I got a cr.lp x2 > s.lp > is like 4 times in a row. Then afterwards I cannot land that link for like another 10 tries. I have a question if you ever read this far. How did you practice your combos? Did you break it down into pieces or tried a full combo? For me I feel like breaking it down is great but since what I am trying to learn is just standing or crouching. Whenever I add in the upkick it feels so out of place just because I dont touch the stick beside down and neutral.


Learn it step by step, but don’t stop there. Once you have a combo down, learn to apply it too ie with a jump in or a crossup or a counterhit at the beginning. Links are surprisingly simple and intuitive once you get over the learning curve. Just stick at them and before you know it you’ll be making up your own and finding them on new characters without any guidance. Use the stickies for advice on finding the links sweet spot.