Another stupid EVO question

This is probably a stupid question, cuz I’m sure its posted somewhere in another thread, but I thought I’d go ahead and ask it anyway. I’m more than likely gonna be attending evolution now, so I started paying attention to the rules. I read one that says one match for cvs2.

Does this mean just 1 match like 1 game, or is it 2 out of 3?

Just curious, cuz I’d be coming all the way from Florida, and I wouldn’t want to suck and play 2 matches and go home :lol: .

Anyways, if anyone knows the scoop let me know. I’m sure I’ll still be attending, just needed to know the specs. Thanks.

Edit: Also, I know we’re still doing the whole APEX system. But is it going still going to affect our seeding like last year. It doesn’t seem like people are paying much attention to it anymore, just a thought.

Yup. A match of CvS2 is 1 game, not 2 out of 3. The tournament is double elimination, so you’re eliminated from the tournament after losing two matches.

In a worst case scenario, you could be done after 2 games.

Ok, thanks for the info inkblot.

So are ALL games 1 out of 1 in the qualifying pools? It didn’t specifically say in the EVO info page. ST of course should be best 2 of 3=)


No, just CvS2

So that means 3S is best 2 out of 3 in pools?!


When will it be best 2 out of 3? The last 16 people? Also, any word on how the brackets will be worked out. Like APEX points, do they still count and such?

All of this is explained in the rules section of the evo site.

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Question, do you think that the SC2 finals will be one of the first finals due to the fact that there isn’t as many people in this game compared to M vs. Capcm or SNK2? Just wondering!

no shit

^:lol: :lol:

Heres the little thing from the rules about matches…

CvS 1/1 with some no switch rules
MvC 2/3 no glitch rule but you can switch chars on loading screen
3S 2/3 blah,dont know
SFT 2/3 Cant use Akuma

thats as far as I know reading the rules.