Another Team Analysis: Doom/Storm-Y/Cable


So anyone has any analysis for this team that I just started using? Or any tips and strats and such. What are it’s bad matchups, or duos or anything bad about this team? Does anyone use this team?

Anything would be appreciated.

This team looks relatively good, the storm to doom DHC then otg combo would work just like sent. i expieriment with teams like this, i don’t see anything wrong with it. your worst matchup is probably msp (damn psylocke AAA) Doom could stop the rushdown, but if used whil mags is grounded, psy can come and take doom out. cable trap with storm would work. this team looks good, just name it.

Mmmm if I’m not wrong the team should be Cable(b) Storm (Y) Doom (b) I remember watching Eddie Lee play this team to great effect a few vids ago. Quite a well balanced team, just be careful of stomping sents. I feel you can’t really keep away the whole game with this, your Cable has to do losta jumping around and zoning, using the assists carefully. Especially against opposing cables.

just my $0.02

I played around with this team last night, and went undefeated with it. So it’s a keeper.

You guys are right though, it does have some issues against psy assists, stomping sents, and cyke’s assist.

Depending on the matchups, I’ll start Cable and zone a lot, and try not to use assists unless I can trap them or I know they will hit basically, calling em blindly leads to death to them seriously.

I know most of the time though, I would rather start doom, because I can take on a lot of stuff with him. Plus, it’s fun to know that most of my opponents duck at the start of the match(not saying that all of them do, but most around where I’m at do) which means free instant overhead into trap with storm-y, which is blackheart-esque in it’s nature (j. hp + storm, land, sj. photons x2) x n and ish. A question about that though. Can that be guard canceled out of? I know it can be escaped, but could it be guard canceled to get to my storm in any way, or to super jump out of it? If I can get that trap into the corner with Doom/Storm, I try and methodically move closer and all, and eventually try and pressure into the hk ground throw with Doom. That way, I can mix it up and make them guess, which they will probably guess wrong, which leads to an air combo, to dhc to death.

With Storm now in, it usually depends on what the guy gives me as to what I do. I usually like to try and take advantage of her high priority normals to get the best of people. If I ever get just a st. hk, or cr. fp on a person, that’s a free sj. hk xx ad f, ad. lk, ad. lk xx LA x2 xx LS. I will either rush, run, or corner trap depending on what the person has, and the what he gives me at a given time. Storm/Doom messes a lot of things up, and speaking of, check out this think you can do with the duo:

In the corner:

Launch + Doom, sj. hk xx ad df, ad. hk, land as doom hits, then you can either,

OTG em with st/cr. lk, st. hk xx air combo you wish.
maybe typhoon xx hail…I haven’t tested it though, anyone want to test it for me? I know that it is supposed to destroy the flying screen with doom’s rocks, so that should work in theory right?

And this team works well with my Cable, because my Cable already plays a zoning type game. Getting people into the no no area so that Doom rocks can juggle em into a fierce gun to death. I like playing him as clean up, because of the meter he gets because of the building of the previous two, one slip, and the opponent eats a counter xx ahvb for free. I do have trouble tagging him in though, which is why I should consider starting him first more, and I guess I am in love with the Doom/Storm dhc, because that’s what’s keeping me from starting him more.

Thank you so much for the Storm/Doom dhc though, I really didn’t know about that you could otg after it. I shall go and make set ups for that as well. But do you guys think that this is a sound gameplan for this team? I’m open to advice and critiques, because I really wanna get better with this team. And has anyone named this team yet? If no, then I’m naming it team erosion.

probably the best setup is this Storm: launch, magic series, aduf, lk, lk la-uf (i only do it once)xx LS and right when the super ends switch out to doom. If they hit the top row you can otg. Watch the Doom video by MikeZ at and the combo is shown. you can also do it the other way around, aircombo with doom and then dhc into hailstorm

I see. So you set the DHC up so that the top row of photons hit and you can off the ground em, otherwise Doom won’t recover in time right?

Another thing, can someone tell me if I’m doing this Cable/Storm-Y trap correctly? Here is what I want to use:

(st. fpx4(call storm on last fp), lp viper beam, typhoon forms, lk grenade or tk hk grenade)x N

This is what I want do after a AHVB, a throw, or anyway I pin them in some other random way, but I need some help on more options to do after they are out of this trap and shiz. Because I just started using this trap recently, I can’t really think of all the options and ways to escape it and such. I know though, sometimes, I do a tk grenade instead just in case they want to get funny, and then that way, I can either block or punish with an AHVB if they do something stupid. I’m sure no one who’s been in this trap around here has escaped it yet. But what is it’s escape points? And are those escape points something I could use to my advantage?

Yeah the Doom thing is right
the assist should be called on the third shot. i normally on the second rep do a scimitar instead of a nade so that they can run into it and fall back into the trap.

edit: add in second rep scimitar