Another Team Analysis: Iron Man/Storm/Doom

Can u analyze this team? Is this team good?

Isn’t this Illan’s team?

There should be some vids about it on:

From how he plays it though, it should be pretty good. I don’t play Iron man too much, but storm/doom compliment each other very well…midless rushdown with doom rocks is very fun.

yeah, that is a very good team. badmatchups ~ msp santhrax. the AAA’s will always be bad. good team. rushdown with storm plus doom is great. infinite setups with ironman/doom is awesome and the DHCs are excellent

Is this team has a chance to win against the gods? I tried this team against MSP…all i can do to keep away and have a chance to hit by Doom AAA… and i do rush down when i played storm w/doom…yeah you’re right DHC are really good,

I know from experience when playing MSP, with a team with Doom assist, do NOT call Doom when mags is on the ground unless you have Mags blocking or being hit by the rocks. Psylocke will eat him up everytime.

Also, with Iron Man, I think it would be helpful, if you don’t already know em, a solo setup for the infinite, and if you can, try and learn the unfly semi infinite. The semi infinite can be set up a lot of ways, and that is just more free damage for you. Also remember that Doom and Storm-b can set up the infinite as well, just in case you wanted to use Storm-b.

If you need a solo setup for the infinite, just remember this one:

launch, sj. neutral hp xx ad. df, ad. lk, ad. lk, ad. up + fp.

How you want to do this is to hit the neutral hp, then air dash, and then time the lk’s so that you are parallel with the opponent’s body…and then infinite away.

Also, don’t forget about the dash glitch with doom and iron man. What is that you ask? The dash glitch is where you super jump, do the down + hk, and then quickly cancel that to a dash plus assist button. This can do a lot for your team, as it brings an element of unexpectedness to it. For example, with Doom on point against an opponent who thinks his assist is safe because you super jumped with doom:

sj. d + hk xx ad f + ether assist button, APA.

What happens is, you make them whiff the assist, and you air dash plus an assist to activate the glitch(which by the way you don’t really have to airdash forward, you can airdash anyway you want according to positioning and all), and fry the assist, if you get a chance to. Be careful though when doing that glitch, and make sure you always cover your assist with photons.

I’m not an expert on that team or anything. I just gave it some analysis and some stuff to think about. I hope this helps in any way.

Thanks for the tips…yes i do use semi-inf …also this one j.d+fp, ad.df+lk, ad.df+fk, u+rh

Help me this one:

How do execute this semi-inf (d+lp, d+mp xx sj. ad.df+lk, u+hp…) i tried using neutral after d+mp, n, d~u…but i couldnt do it…whats the timing for this?

Do you mean the Japanese infinite setup?

If you do it takes alot of practice, here are some instructions.
c. lk, c. mp( as soon as you push the mp go into neutral, than manual superjump by going down to up) and hit the lp as soon as you sj up, then air dash forward and hit: sj. jp, up+HP
then infinite.

edit: you only have to be neutral for about half a second.

this team sucks

Oh i see…you’ve been beaten by this team…how sad…lol

naw this team really does suck. Only good IM teams i really know and HAVE seen in action is my team(IM/sent/cable),mitsus team(IM/storm/cable),ilans team(IM/cable/doom),julius team(WM/IM/Doom). Thats about as official as a referee with a whistle YUPP.IM/cable is a really good duo and u can see from the teams i posted. Im sure theres other IM teams but those i have seen and really been impressed by.GET EM BAGNUS SKEETERU

believe this man!!! ^