Another Toronto GGXX Tourny!


Nice turnout compared to last time. 16 players in total

1st John H. - faust
2nd Jason M. - dizzy
3rd Lun - faust, sol, axel
4th Dickson - Testament
Tied for 5th
Roy - eddie
Jay “yellowS4” - potemkin
Tied for 7th
Jon C. “Jonstar” - milia
"chillin n’ illin" (forgot srk/real name) - dizzy, baiken, johnny
Tied for 9th
Eric - sol
Stephen “DarkDragon” - baiken
Julian - baiken, dizzy
Gary - milia
Tied for 13th
Gordon “TigerLee” - faust
Adrian “TechRockTooGood” - testament, venom
"x-sapphire" (still don’t know your name) - chipp, i-no, zappa
Jason - ky, slayer


Fun tourney. “Chillin’” here. And my name is Alex.

I hate eddie with a passion.

I swore alot why playing Jay. “fuck…Fuck…FUCK!!!..fuuuuuuuck”

all tournies at orbit are the best…great sticks and a ton of stuff to do at the mall. TOO GOOD.



“WOW” :bluu:


I didn’t play anything but ggxx and the sticks were good for that game. Dunno about cvs2 or other games. Plus I prefer japanese sticks.