Another vaporstick?

I’m talking about the Hrap3 Sa.

Apparently on sale since 18 december 2008 nevertheless, after more than two months, it’s still not available anywhere (but Japan, if the Hori Store is really selling it). Play Asia doesn’t even present it in its pre-order list.

What’s going on? Does anybody here manage to buy this stick?
Does the Hrap3 Sa really exist?

It exists, believe someone on here posted pictures of theirs.

It was sold only through the Japanese Hori store, and the notes at the bottom say that it’s a limited edition and that they completely sold out. So not exactly vaporstick since examples out there exist, it’s just now going to be impossible to find one.

Nooo! I didn’t think about the page translation because I could never imagine that, only after two months, the joystick was already sold out.

Keeping unsold items in stock is negative for business but now companies are really exaggerating with the extreme opposite (not only Hori).

A missed profit is a long-term loss for a company.

Wish Markman would chime in on this. He HAD to pick one up! /looks again at the HRAP 2 SE images and drools.

It does exist. I have one.

There was an HRAP3SA Ver. A that was never released. (Announced almost a year and a half ago)…

The one that was released is the newer version one.

I knew it! MarkMan never lets us down. By the way, months ago you said you would share photos of your lovely stick collection…/hint hint

But then again, it probably requires a widescreen 30" monitor set up in full HD panoramic view?

Even the boxes are sexy…

For reference… this is the ORIGINAL/UNRELEASED HRAP3 SA:

Now I understand why it’s so difficult for a private customer to find a hrap3 sa.

Yes, I remember it and I admit I also would have bought this shameful stick because of the Sanwa buttons if only Hori would have released it as promised (I waste months, delay after delay, waiting for its release).

And now this other unfunny joke from Hori, a stick so limited that is already sold out after only two months.