Another Vega Kara Throw?

Ok, so I was in practice mode last night and was messing around with his kara throw. I pressed instead of once and it still kara threw. I tested it out a little and it seems just as good as his kara throw.

Does anyone else know about this?

That’s really interesting. I’ll have to toy with it later =O

Interesting find vicious, I knew about the possibility but didn’t know for sure until I tested. You can kara pretty much any normal move. The question is how far does that normal make you move in the first frame. In the training room you can judge it by the smallest squares on the floor. Here are some tests on how far karaing various moves will get you (numbers are rough):

st.HK: 3.0 squares
st.HP: 0.0
st.MK: 1.8
st.MP: 1.8
st.LK: 0.0
st.LP: 0.0
cr.HK: 0.8 (Hold down while pushing HK, must stand 1 frame later when pushing throw)
cr.HP: 0.0
cr.MK: 0.2
cr.MP: 0.0
cr.LK: 0.0
cr.LP: 0.0
df.HK: -0.5 (as you may have suspected, df.HK moves you backwards early in the move)
df.MK: 0.5

Yeah, I found his does too. The rest I tested but either failed or wasn’t noticeable.

After more testing I found his does do better actually.

once again nice and thorough job meteo 2, I figured the japanese player did that already and would have been using another move instead of if better suited.

it would be intresting to do it with cls moves, I don’t suspect them to beat for karathrow purposes but I d like to know if they push the character ( and his hitbox) backward just like CH does which would make them very good moves to stuff grab attempts against us. maybee using a jumping dummy would help wiffing a grab after a close standing move.