Another way to do Akuma's raw standing ultra 2



can be done from a crouching position and while walking.


Dope… I don’t see this being practical though. If your hands are like that the whole time, yeah that would be pretty flippin scary. Still very informative nonetheless.


Well, I was positioning my hands like that just to show how it’s done. you can do it from how you regularly hold the stick.


cool execution study. what kind of situation this could cover in a match ?


react to some move with ridiculously long startup


I’d like to add that you can do it with any two fingers. I was also able to do it with my THUMB ALONE.

Dunno. But anything could happen, like a crazy read.


a read on what opponent mistake for example ?


a fireball, a poke, a misused psychic dp, etc.


good luck !


wonder if instead of using the whole hand to do it if you cold flick the stick with just the thumb?


I actually DID do that. I curved my thumb and used the tip for the first up input, and then my palm for the second. I was only able to do it once, though :confused:


Can u show it in a pad?? :frowning: