Another "Which stick should I get" thread

Okay I’ve been searching around the tech area, and googling the internet but I haven’t been able to find the answers I need. Hopefully you guys can help.

I have a ps3, and no ps2. I have 3S, MVC2, and will get GG XX AC when (if) it comes out. All ps2 games, which work fine with the SIXAXIS.

So. Do I get the HRAP3/HFS3/VSHG? From what I’ve learned, these sticks aren’t backwards compatible with PS2 games because of the PS/Home button not working. But the posts and articles I’ve read were several months old. Has this been fixed with any of the new updates on the PS3?

If not, can I get a HRAP2 or something similar and use the new Pelican adaptor to play my ps2 games?

Or do I have to completely scratchbuild my own stick? I hope not, though I do plan on modding my stick when I get one…

sigh Why do these things always have to be such a pain in the ass…


just start buying sticks until you’re happy.

^ Uh yeah, thanks. Very helpful.

Maybe you have unlimited disposable income, but I don’t.


I’d suggest getting the cheapest HRAP style box you can find and then modifying it to work on the PS3 with Toodles’ UPCB.

I am planning to do this with my current Tekken 5 US sticks.

the vshg works on old ps2 games, i think the hrap3 does too
the fs3 doesnt T_T

Thanks guys.

I already heard about the VSHG and ordered a pair. Neither of the hori sticks work yet though. Hopefully that’ll be fixed in FW 1.8 update :).

Probably should’ve closed this thread.