Anoying shortcuts in SFIII: third strike online edition

Hi im new to the forums in terms of posting so i quess be posting here then. So here my story:

I was trying to practice the medium low kick, light hurricane kick, and then akumas hurricane kick ultra or super or watever its called in third strike but having some trouble with it because of these frustrating shortcuts in moves. i never had these problems in SSIV:AE. Cause when i do the medium low kick and make the low left motion with the stick he does a medium hurricane kick automaticaly wich is realy frustrating cause i want to do a light hurricane kick to combo.

I know for sure im doing it correct cause i am only pushing the forward button or medium kick low (take your pick) once but normaly to do such a move you need to press medium kick twice. There are more of these shortcuts like only doing punch to combo into hadouken or more punches to do even a shoryuken or medium low punch low back/left motion it combos into a 2 hit hadouken that doesnt even connect, but i dond need these shortcuts because they are more in the way then they do me any good. So is there any way to dissable this cause i never had these problems in AE and im new to third strike and only used to sf2 and iv.

youre just holding the button too long and getting negative edge from the mk, which if i remember correctly, has been in every SF game since 2.

Negative edge even goes back to SF1.

But to the OP, it isn’t a shortcut. It’s how virtually every Capcom game reads button inputs.

I can’t understand why this would be more of an issue for you in 3S than SF4 though. Maybe because 3S requires you do motions faster you aren’t letting go of the button fast enough?

Maybe OP is so used to the leniency of SFIV, that the stricter controls of 3rd Strike are causing him to overdo his inputs, which he is confusing as getting shortcuts…so interesting.

I think I remember having that problem before. It taught me how do inputs quicker I guess. Mortal Kombat 9’s input leniency is still retarded though.

Thx for the replys but it is very different from ssf4 there i never had problems performing those combos…o well.

Completely different games, the moves have completely different properties and timing. You have to adjust your timing or hold down the medium kick until after you cancel into light hurricane kick.

Hold MK (hold it)

I recommend OP try super turbo then you will realize just how dumbed down AE is :rofl: