Answer needed !



Some question for you all !

  • When do you use Ex shoryu ? It does the same amount of damage as the standard Dai shoryu but has some extra invcblty frame.

  • I’ve see some player doing c.lp when the opposant wake up, but when i try to do so, i eat a shoryu or worse.
    So when do you use it ?

  • How do you determinate move’s priority with frame data ?

Thanks !


good for chip damage or if you don’t really want to get hit w/ an air attack.

if you’re getting shoryuken on wake-up block the next time and it’s a free combo.


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my main is ryu but im having a hard time beating this sagat player who spams alot of tisger shots how do i beat him need sum help asap




what does this have to do with akuma?


AIR FIREBALLS. Oh wait…nvm.


i use ex shoryu wen i have only a little life left and need those invincibility frames so i dont take chip damage on wake up. it usually ends up getting blocked anyways, but at that point. theres no other option.

u see those players use cr. lp on opponents wake up because good players rarely shoryu on wake up because of the high risk (unless its an obvious jump in or cross up attempt). if they happen to eat one, theyll block the next time they are in that situation to bait the uppercut.


use it when Dhalsim wants to hang an ultra over your head on wakeup


Another question :

What are the difference between ryu’s fireball and Akuma’s fireball ?

I know ryu’s fireball have less recover than akuma’s, but akuma’s fireball comes faster.
But beside of that, what are the difference ?


ryu doesnt got the hado power in his hadoukens !


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Wrong (frame data off the wiki). Ryu’s comes out faster, but Akuma recovers one frame earlier, unless it’s Ryu’s EX hado which both comes out quicker and recovers quicker. It also seems, and I have no hard data to back this up, that Ryu’s fireballs travel faster and have larger hitboxes.

If someone can take a look at the frame data, the block/hit stun numbers look whacky. I’m not sure that recovery - block/hit stun is the number shown on the wiki


That wiki is blank. do you have to have permission to view it or something?


eventhubs frame data:



For some reason the links are not including the last ‘)’ just type it in and you’ll see the wiki.

Speaking of which, it’s been awhile since I made any cleanups on the wiki, anybody think there’s anything major which needs to be added to it?


Fixed the links. Any thoughts on the hit/block stun?


Yeah, something appears to be wrong, but I wouldn’t know where to get the accurate numbers from.