Answers from the heart of battle....(anti stratagies)


street fighter 4 espn style live commentary via blutooth headset. get inside you’re opponent.



where would i be without your insight?
any tips on cr.LP x3 jump back?


yjdk, c.lp x 3 jump back is an excellent zoning tool, as well as providing many openings for follow ups. Like a hadoken, or a tatsu, hell, even a guaranteed ultra at full screen. And if you have the execution for it, you can do c.lp x 3 jump back roundhouse, which a lot of people find to be an excellent mixup to keep your opponent guessing. It’s all about that yomi.


Now I know how to beat Zangeif, thanks for the video. Cr. lp x 3 jump back round house mix up I would have never guessed.