Ant other 6-button controller for 360 apart from the fightpad?

anybody know of any other 6 button controller for the xbox 360 apart from the fightpad, where all 6 buttons are on the face?

I saw some a few months ago on ebay (I don’t have the links anymore), but they either have the same dpad as the default controller, or they’re extremely rare or pricey. Fightpad is your best bet, which is not really a good bet at all since they’re unreliable.

XBOX 360 Hori Ex2 Turbo 6-Button Pad

Looks pretty good actually. Especially considering that Hori is a more competent designer than Madcatz, I’ve heard their Fightpads are unreliable. This would be a good alternative to that. Plus the Dpad looks decent. It says “Temporarily out of stock”, but I’d check back in a couple of days or weeks. Now just need some reviews for this controller. = )

Thanks. this is exactly what Im looking for, but cant find a seller in the UK QQ

You could probably import it from I haven’t used them but I hear they are good.

You know how doubtful I was about learning a stick? I tried with the EX2 and gave up. But I finally cracked with that shitty D-pad and bought a SFIV TE. It’s tough and I feel like quitting so often, but I do feel as though I am executing a little better than I was a few days ago. I should imagine a stick would be second nature for you seeing as you use Guile.

Heck, even if I only get as good as I am on pad with this stick, I will be at a large advantage over the pad with how I can mash extra hits out of the knee bash and escape grabs more easy.

I feel the main stumbling block is finding how to hold the stick. I don’t want to get used to holding it one style and finding that it is not optimal for executing certain moves or combos and having to re-learn it every time I change. There is still a huge doubt as to if I will be as good on stick as I am on pad what with the throw of the stick. I find it takes me a lot longer to execute a DP motion on stick than D-pad.

That is the opposite for me. I’m so slow on pad when it comes to Shoryukens and qcf x 2 motions. If I had easy access to a round gate stick (which I don’t), I’d be in SF heaven. Although, even if I had a stick, it would still be nice to know what the pad options are, apart from the default controller.

Lol on stick i find it takes me ages to do any move even standing light punch :rofl:

I got a ex2 stick about 6 months ago but just cant get used to it. It just feels too loose. When Im doing booms or flash kicks I like to feel some resistance.

I get told alot that guile needs to be played with a stick to get the best out of him, but Im just too used to pads since I been using them since the snes, I havnt used a stick since the 80’s on my ye olde spectrum 48. Top guile players like marsgatti and diceman078 have encouraged me to ‘stick’ with the stick, so I guess I shoudlnt give up on it altogether.

That ex2 pad looks great. I have the hori ex pad which is my default pad for street fighter, I love the d-pad, but with only four face buttons I dont get to use all of guiles moves the way I want, so I sacrifice guiles medium punch to the trigger buttons which does limit my game when playing against skilled opponants. Margatti also told me that doing guiles super combo’s is much easier on a stick, that I have to agree with since I have some difficulty doing guiles super on reaction on the pad, I usually just get a flash kick 2/3 times.

With the ex2 pad has all 6 buttons are on the face so that would suit my needs perfectly.

The madcatz fight pad was crap IMO, the only good thing about it was that there were no analogue sticks to get in the way. If I get the ex2 pad I may consider opening it p to remove the analogue sticks.

Another thing about pads and charge characters is that the base of my thumb starts to hurt after prolonged periods of playing on the right hand side, on the left side I can charge all day long without discomfort, but on the right the pain affects my game after a while.

just got this through the post this morning, looks good and is more eurgonic than hori previois ex controller. All 6 buttons on the face and has a cross d-pad and adjustable analogue stick sensitvity. Has turbo on all 6 buttons too. Cant wait to get home from work and give it a try

I highly reccomend this product (hori ex2 controller) for all people who prefer using a pad, its an excellent product.