Antelope Valley/661 Players Needed!


I’ve been up here far too long and have only seen a handful of fighting game players since the local arcade (not tilt) shut down. The local scene currently consists of 3 people, which is just pathetic. We need more players!

We play pretty much everything minus Smash and some obscure titles, but we mainly play SF, Marvel, SNK games and have been known to dabble in VF/Tekken.

For those of you who have been in this crummy region for a while, you may remember me as the hairy asshole who ran tournaments at Mr C’s in Lancaster years ago.


You just gave me a flashback to sometime around 2001 when you said Mr C’s arcade… that was my 1st time beating SF3 new generation LOL.

the AV is pretty dead when it comes to talent, I tried to get people to play when i was living out there years ago but I couldnt find anyone down to come to my sessions or hold their own. Your best bet is to drive to FFA (like most people from the AV have to) to get competition. Good luck with your search though…


Do it Giby!!!


I’ve been going to FFA since late 80’s (used to live across the street from it), I’d rather have people nearby to play with instead of having to go out places. Nocturnal and I have been the two main guys trying to get people together up here, and he did a good job when GG was big, but after that everyone hopped on MMO’s or moved out of the AV.

If you ever find yourself back in the AV (and for your sake, I hope you don’t), let me know.


It’s true. AV is a dead zone when it comes to fighting games. FFA isn’t too far but gas prices atm are not helping the cause. I know there are a few people in the area that still play I’m sure. I’m usually always down to play anything really.


I remember a nice sized group of players back when I was going to AVC a few years ago, they seemed to play everything, but now when I ask about them, people act as if they never existed. We still need players


Lancaster, born and raised. Sadly.
Which also makes me wonder if i know you.
But hey, i might be down for a trip to ye olde AV one of these days.


I’m getting calls from people, but none want to get together. We welcome all levels of play If you’re new to a game we can help you, if you’re too damn good you can help us :smiley:


I have a friend who lives in Santa Clarita and is dying to play with some people, is that close enough for you guys?


“Dead when it comes to talent”, lol. glhf


I live in the 611, Lancaster actually. I am looking to find some cats to play with, as the homie I usually kick it with has moved from the AV. Send me a request on XBL if you have it. VeNoMAcE5282. I mainly play MvC3, but I can play SSF4 too, tho I may be rusty.


I moved to Pittsburgh, dead economy in AV and LA. I miss Del Taco, Jack in the Box, and Carl’s Jr. So are you guys just going down to FFA to play or how is that working now out now a days?

EDIT: and In -n- Out. P.S. I’m fat like your mom.


HAHAHAAHA I’m sure I’m talentless. I live in AV and I don’t know if you knew this but AV has produced some of the best fighters in the FGC. Mikey AKA stringbean has to be still one of the best tekken/doa players in the country and he lives in AV. Stevechampion also up there in Tekken was from AV also. Credot was a beast during the T5 days was 2nd best at mvc2 in the region, 2nd best at iidx, undisputed best at DDR, best RPG’er and what not. AkAsoz would mop pretty much anyone in the AV in GG (too bad he hates Blazblue.) We have the talent, we’ve just never found anyone else who had the talent and was worth playing with. We can have a session sometime this week if you can get people together. I’d say like friday or so. We just gotta find the proper place to have it.


We were actually planning something for this Thursday (we usually meet on Thurs or Fri). Where do you live, fanatiq? Same goes to you Venomace.

We should be able to do something at my place. I have enough space to hold people, I would just need additional systems and tvs. Do you guys have other friends who play? And what do you guys play?

As for level of play out here, I know people used to play and get good, but I dont know much these days (the people I played at the college were bad). I know that AV has one of the best Counterstrike teams in the US…but I guess that doesnt apply here


im down to play


Bring Tony Hawk with you.


I live on the west side of Lancaster. I play mvc3. Going to play MK9 when it comes out. I do have a few friends that would wanna play also. I wont be able to do Thursday likely cuz ill be staying in la after Wednesday night fights. Friday my bro has a show so it’d have to be pretty early or super late. Do you guys do money matches? How many people are you expecting? What games do you guys typically play? Where do you live?

Btw I will shit all over you guys in thps4 and tetras attack aka Pokemon puzzle league aka Panel de pon.


There are only three of us right now, and one is leaving for Hawaii in a couple of weeks. I have 0 practice (this means I suck) in MvC (I only play it once every other week) so I wouldn’t do any MM’s, but I will MM you in a hairy bastard contest!! I don’t know if the other two (Noc and The Iron Reaver) would be up for MM’s.

We usually play MvC3, now, Noc and I haven’t touched 4 in months, but I know Iron Reaver messed with AE this past weekend at FFA. We’ll play the occasional SNK game if people want (I main SNK stuff), but usually its just me and Noc playing them when the meets are over or we jump on GGPO to play random people, which is rare these days. We’ll play anything so long as we know it.

I’m on the east side (30th/J) Noc is on the westside near In and Out. We usually meet at Nocs place.

I’ll talk to the two of them and see what they say about Thurs and Friday. We usually do Thurs/Fri at 5p til whenever (usually have to call it in pretty early cause one of us always have something to do the following day.


ill try to bring tony hawk, and im down to throwdown in mvc3, mk9, chaos breaker, battle fantasia, and DAT SUPER DBZ.


Watching you on the stream, fanatiq, good shit.

Tell Tony Hawk that he’ll get some sand people food and fried chicken if he shows up. What are his days off?