Anthropomorphized Freak! - The RR Combo Thread

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Anyway, it seems a lot of people have the game now
would you mind sharing your combos?

Anywhere on the screen
j.:m:, j.:h:, Land, st.:m:, :s:, superjump, :m:, :s:, LAND, Bear Trap, Log Trap, Rock N Roll

Corner Only
j.:m:, j.:h:, Land, st.:m:, :s:, superjump, :m:,:s:, LAND, Oil Trap, cr.:h:, :s:, superjump, :m:,:s:, LAND, Oil Trap, cr.:h:, :s:, superjump, :m:,:s:, LAND, Bear Trap XX Spring Trap (super), Log Trap, Level 3, Rock N Roll

Lets explore this character!

corner only combo. You forgot the rock and roll super after the level 3.

He’s got doom like corner combos? me likes.

ok so ive been in the lab alittle
j.M j.s 3x then S ,j.M,j.s bear trap log trap rock and roll(from net trap)
Or bear trap log trap 214L+M then rock and roll
Or bear trap log trap 214L+M level 3 that the loop ive been on.
2nd is instant overhead combo
88j.L j.M.j.s 2L,M,S j.M j.S bear trap log trap and all from the above.
And they all work anywhere.

Found something pretty weird:

:s:,:u: (back to neutral):atk:+:s:, :f::d::db::h:

Launcher, Cancelled into horizontal rocket skates, Cancelled into a logtrap (the weird input being due to crossing under the opponent in the middle of it).

The log trap spawns on top of the opponent and wallslams them without you ever leaving the floor.

Edit: OTG :dp::m:, :h:,:s:,:dp::uf::h: hits in the corner.

Ummm couldn’t you just do a tk log trap to simply jump cancel the launcher?

Frankly I don’t know, it just seems simpler…

So after net trap do j.M j.s 3x into log trap ,this creates a tech trap and a free mixup,if they press a button,they Will get blown up by the log,if they aren’t mashing and block the log you get a free under dash mix up or to just derp it out the ground burrow for easier mix up or as soon as they land do the instant overhead,or do instant overhead with assist.

Doesn’t hit. You have to dash forwards to get the log to appear in the right place unless the opponent is in the corner.

well, heres my day negative 1 bread and butter so far.

j. :m::m::s:, Land, :l::m::h::f::h::s:, sj. :l::m::s:, Land, :dp: :m: (OTG), :dp: :h:, Rock & Roll

513,800 Damage, 1 Meter.

very easy to pull off.

edit: removed an L+M for less scaling and slightly more damage

542,900 if you mash!

c.MH, qcb+M, dash c.MH, qcb+M, dash S, j.MS, qcb.L, dp+M, dp+H (cancel) Spring Trap.

Includes the Shrapnel Trap loop I just found (unless someone else found it already), but it only seems to work twice (from anywhere). And you can do Boulder Trap BEFORE Bear Trap OTG and it connects, making the Boulder hit them after the ground bounce.

A little tidbit I noticed when playing around with Rocket Raccoon for a few minutes… You can get pretty obnoxious with the instant overhead. jM, jS, land, jM, jS works, so just a quickie beginner combo I tried was…

jM, jS, land, jM, jS, cL, cM, cH, fH, S, super-jump, L, M, S, dpM, dpH, Rock N Roll

Does a bit over 550,000 damage and works anywhere on-screen, just remember to reverse the Rock N Roll input if done in a corner.

…Abusing instant jM, jS, is probably going to frustrate some people, hehe.

The j.M, j.S 3x can actually be performed with out using net trap first.

I can’t get the second rep of j.m j.s. Can this be done on anyone or just certain people?

Anyone else find it ridiculously hard to combo with RR? I feel as though on the ground even being a few milliseconds late will make him drop the combo and then in the air I have to slow down. Not impossible just very strict on the timing

It works on everyone I had tested it on, have not tried short characters yet, but worked on medium and large ones. The second jM, jS has to be input VERY close to the ground. You can use jM as soon as you are airborne, so the inputs can be pretty rapid, and it seems you can even get away with a third rep if you keep up the pace. Keep practicing and try inputting it sooner than you would think possible!

Yeah, Rocket Raccoon definitely has tighter timing than most characters. Most of his normals have hilariously little hit-stun to them so you have to have fast fingers to perform his combos. Definitely does not seem like a pad-friendly character.

Only had about 15 minutes to practice with him earlier, but definitely going to try and find some more extended combos if possible tonight.

Corner combo vs grounded:
[:uf:] :m:,(:m:),:s: (land) [:uf:] :m:,(:m:),:s: (land)(1)
:m:,(****:f::h:),:s: [:uf:] :m:,:s: (land)
:dp::l:,:d::h:,:s: [:uf:] :m:,:s: (land)
:dp::l:,:d::h:,:s: [:uf:] :m:,:s: (land)
:qcb::l:(4), :qcf::atk::atk: (~670k)

(1) Doing 2x M in the air carries you further towards the corner, but causes more scaling. Also, the loop doesn’t work on some crouching characters.
(2) After OTG bear trap you have time to drop a boulder trap before launching the opponent with S. Make sure you delay the launcher enough so that the opponent triggers the trap before being launched. The boulder then sends them straight back down to the ground.
(3) Ending the motion with up (or holding down S) to jumpcancel, and cancelling the jump startup into log trap.
(4) The second boulder trap only hits huge characters during Rock N Roll. But do it anyway since the short backward hop keeps the opponent in the corner.

Also, you can choose how many meters to burn for damage:
1. :qcf::atk::atk:
2. :qcb::atk::atk:, :qcf::atk::atk:
3. :dp::atk::atk:, rocketskates, :s: or j:m: or anything else you can think of (leads into a BnB if done near the beginning of a combo)
4. :dp::atk::atk:, :qcf::atk::atk:
5. :dp::atk::atk:, rocketskates, :qcb::atk::atk:, :qcf::atk::atk:


He’s not impossible on pad but things like j:m::m::s: land -> combo is a bit hard

I can do his stuff just fine on pad.