Anti-air counter XX AHVB

i’m having a really hard time trying to make this work, and everytime I do get the beam out, cable is at least half way up the screen

any trick to doing this?

wait for the opp to hit you with some ranged attack, fireball motion + assist, fireball motion + 2 Punches.

uh, I thought the counter was b,db,d +assist

Here’s how I learned how to do it step by step.
1]I deliberately did scimitars with hardpunch in practice mode [no AHVB cancell].
-The point of this is to observe it and get a better look at it.
2]I started alpha countering B, DB, D+assist
-See step 1
3]I start cancelling either one of them into AHVB [the manual one and the counter/auto scimitar based one alike]. At this point I don’t give a fuck if I’m so high I can’t hit anything. I’m trying to learn here
4]I start deliberately cancelling so early that I don’t even leave the ground.
-Again, I don’t care if I’m gonna die for this. I’m just learning.
5]I decide based on what’s easier to either…
-5a start doing the cancell closer and closer to the ground until I routinely overdo it [this is how I think I learned how to do it] then proceed to 5b
-5b start doing the cancel later until Cable JUST BARELY leaves the ground since I was doing the cancel too early to begin with.

In the end, this is what it ends up like for me.
1]Execute the alpha counter and listen for the alpha counter “swish” sound
2]Neutral the stick and wait till Cable’s feet touch the ground
3]Begin the qct+punches
4]Press both buttons the nanosecond I notice that Cable’s feet are disconnected from the ground. that way he doesen’t end up in the stratosphere.

This should make it far too easy to get right.

Once you get this right, try to guardpush and then cancel that extended blockstun into an alpha counter. Eventually expand this into canceling the forced scimitar into the AHVB. This way, any close attack that has lots of recovery is paramount to suicide for the one who throws it at you as well.