Anti Air Focus Attack and general jumping recovery time question

Hey guys,

question 1: If an opponent jumps in on you with an attack, as long as an opponent doesn’t have a two hit jump in (aka chun li’s j.hp), and you are charging focus attack, if you let go at the right time so that you hit them right as they land so that if they try to do something on the ground, like a jab, you’d catch them in startup and counterhit right? and they probably know this so they’d probably be blocking, so in other words you get a free blockstring against them?

question 2: i’m assuming because focus attacks have startup time you can’t release right when they land, you need to instead release right before they land i think?

question 3: if someone jumps and attacks and lands, the landing cancels whatever state the jump attack is in i think, and will go into a special landing from jump attack recovery i think. How many frames of recovery from the jump will they have? if the same person jumps but doesnt attack, they have 0 frames of recovery as they land correct?

  1. Somewhat correct. They can also use a move with invincible startup, like a DP as they land. This makes your focus whiff and you get hit.

  2. Yea.

  3. There’s 4 frames of recovery from a jumping attack. If they don’t attack, they can block immediatly, but aren’t able to attack for 2 frames(i think…it might be 4).

Aren’t there a small amount of invincibility frames when landing if you don’t attack?

There’s no invincibility after doing an empty jump and landing.

After landing from an attack attack however, you have 2 frames where you can’t do anything and 4 frames when you can’t attack, but may block and tech throw. When focus attacking you’re actually aiming for a counter hit(when they’d start up their attack on the ground) as timing down to the first 2 frames isn’t easy, otherwise you’d see pros going for combos rather than measly throws all the time.

The trick is to FA as late as possible so they don’t stop their attack to throw you and time your FA release to hit when they’re in startup/beginning of landing frames once they’re on the ground.

When landing from a jump without attacking in the air is what I asked. I can’t tell from your answer if you understood that or not.

Edited my post to make it clear. Not sure where you get being invincible from landing though, is it in other fighting games?

But yeah, you definitely aren’t invincible after jumping without attacking upon landing.

AHHHH. I found the post that made me think that there was:

When he says “2 frames of complete vulnerability followed by 2 frames where you can only tech throws and block.” I completely misremembered it as “2 frames of complete INvunerability”. Ha! My mistake.