Anti-air options

Kyo actually has a pretty tight anti-air game believe it or not. You’ll be alternating between these three moves mostly…

  1. dp+HP
  2. close s.MK
  3. “cross-up” dp+HP

The frame data on this move isn’t important. The only things you need to know is this move is very much invincible and can’t be airblocked deep. This thing you need to MASTER is memorizing the range at which this move is Kyo’s best anti-air. dp+HP has a lot of horizontal range. Use it when the opponent is jumping in from the front at about 1/2 screen range.

close s.MK 1000 +1/+1
This move looks exactly like his far s.MK. When you look at the frame data however, there is a major difference. Close s.MK literally hits twice as fast with only 4 frame startup. Yielding +1, this move is perfectly safe when JD’d from the air as well. Use this move when the opponent is still jumping in from the front, but is too close for the dp+HP to hit him. That’s at about 1/3 screen range.

“cross-up” dp+HP
The input is f, df, d, db+HP. Duck down, then hit your opponent really DEEP when they cross you up. Use this when the opponent is at close range and you know they’re going to end up behind you. Against Chun-li in particular, you know she’s going to try and cross you up a lot. So against her, be ready to cross-up dp a little farther out than you would other characters. Most characters will only try to cross you up after knocking you down (ie. Ken and Sakura’s meaty j.MK). It’s important to practice doing this move against that common tactic as well.

Keep practicing and know all your ranges. If dp+HP didn’t work, you most likely could of used close s.MK. If close s.MK didn’t reach, you probably could of used dp+HP on the guy instead.

*note: far s.HP can also be used as anti-air to some degree. I’ve yet to find an angle of jump-in where I can’t use one of the three primary anti-air moves though. You guys can do some experimenting if you want.

Good stuff. He has a few other stuff …

RC qcf+p (I’ve heard some people can time it so that if opponent attacks it’ll autoguard, but I can’t do it consistantly)

Flame Pillar super (Good early, or really late to suck them into the ground. Or you could do the level 2 version and cancel into his qcf k, k to juggle)

“Cloud Wave” super (Did you forget this? Good when the opponent jumps in close. Level 3 if directly on you.)

Fierce DP and s.forward don’t use any meter and can be used by any version of Kyo, though more importantly PK Kyo can use them at will.

Does anybody know how to use the Lv3 Cloud super against deep cross-ups on reaction? I’ve had absolutely zero success so far. The motion is probably something messed up like qcb, hcb+P…

Do it before the cross-up and hold punch maybe.

I’m not a Kyo player.

lvl1 flame pillar super – the pillar itself reaches to the top of the screen so it can knock people out of the air if you don’t wanna guess what they might do. i’ve been trying it out as an option against characters who like to jump straight up from close range (vega, mai, blanka sometimes).