Anti-Air? Umm? and mk what?



So umm, so far I’ve been attempting to use these but nine times outta ten I just end up eating a big fat foot to the face, maybe I’m just used to fool proof anti air’s like Gen and Juri. But I cannot for the life of me figure out wtf to do. People basically jump in on me free all god damn day unless I have an ex stocked.

How the HELL do you use these so called anti airs? Because I’m sick of morons just jumping at me all day.

Also is it possible to use Rising Jag.? Cause that seems to fail as well. I figure I’m just retarded so if anyone can help me with this one that’d be great.


ex rising jaguar
hk rising jaguar


This. For almost every situation, EX/RH RJ is the absolute best anti air. What makes it so good isn’t the move itself(by itself it’s merely an okay anti-air), but rather the invincibility frames that come with it(RH RJ has 6, EX RJ has 8). The key to using these moves is to condition yourself to use it as a reversal for a meaty jump in, NOT to knock someone out of the air. Just record Ryu jumping in with his J.RH of doom and practice the timing.

As for awkward jumpins? I think C.Fierce might be his BEST option, but for me it comes out really slow so lately I’ve been sticking with s.forward


Oh, and just thought I’d follow that up with something I found really helpful in regards to dealing with jump happy opponents.

If they are jumping a lot, try using j.strong. It’s a move i’ve been using lately after finding out about it on these forums and I love the damn thing. I’m trying to condition myself to use this as Adon’s go to air to air normal. It shrinks Adon’s hitbox, seems to stuff damn near everything, and can even be used pretty reliably as a jump in.


RH RJ has 6 invincibility frames? From when does it start? I though Valle said it can even be thrown on its startup or something.


mates, are you sure about HK Rising Jaguar being completely invincible?

it works well as late AA, but i find myself being hit when trying to use it as reversal (it seems it has no low hitbox invincibility… dunno, maybe i just timed it badly, or messed up the execution).


I find the 6 frame invincibility believable. It’s actually easier to antiair with HK rising jag than with ryu MP DP (most invincible non EX DP at 4 frames)


maybe i should ask this in the other post but… what do you think about low hit box invincibility??

i have the feeling that, like MK Rising Jaguar, HK RJ also lacks low hit box invincibility…


Is nobody else using s.strong and c.strong (on far jumps)? Its the only only anti-air I can use consistently outside rh rising jag


I have the worst trouble punishing jump ins with Adons normals. All his good AA normals are the close ones, by the time i can react i eat whatevers coming at me


Not sure what makes you think that but it’s not the case. HK is fully invincible. In fact I have trouble picturing where it would be beaten by a low as when the invincibility ends i’m pretty sure he’s already airborne. Just record a dummy doing meaty sweeps if you don’t believe me. What you most likely did was MK RJ.


My friends are really jump happy, and standing medium kick has worked well for me. If you are having trouble hitting it, take a step or two back then try it.


Dude s.HK has a funky ass hit box with surprising vertical range, it’s a great anti-air but admittedly weird.


MK RJ loses invincibility on its first active frame. I’d be surprised if HK RJ didn’t keep it until its first active frame. Aside from cl.HK I haven’t had any luck with any other of his supposed “AA” normals against half-decent jump-ins.


Anyone else get a laugh at Adon’s crotch beam of doom?


Just use hk jk, and if you dont feel confident with the deep timing, use the ex version. It beats everything in the air ( deep hit though ). Dont use s. far mk, or s. close HK, coz if you made a mistake there you will eat a nice combo.


Use s.close HK in situations where RJ would wiff.


People who jump in sometimes get very predictable.

I use RH RJ or EX RJ most of the time, and have a knack for fishing jump-ins and using n.j. FP.

I plan to make a thread later, but there’s a good way for Adon to trap his opponents once in the corner (like almost forming a square barrier) with good timing, and a combination of nj. FP when they jump, and when they land, lk. JK. If you get the knockdown, meaty with cr. FP or s.RH, and you can end up taking alot of damage or playing a good baiting game in that square corner you create.

I’ll post videos of me at some point to show you guys what i mean, but RH/EX RJ and far standing FP are good AAs, and i use nj. FP enough to discourage my opponent.