Cap has one of the better “panic buttons” in not only having the invincible Stars and Stripes, but also the instant invincible Hyper Stars and Stripes, but what should you do if you want to anti-air to full combo? I’ve heard it can be done with 623L, but not only is that the riskiest one (on paper), I’ve also never seen it done without X-factor, ever.

Obviously S can get something like that started, but throwing out that move as a counter is just really, really dumb.

Charging Star works pretty well against some of the squarejump stuff (even if backed up with projectile assist), but even then you can only really convert either to Hyper Charging Star, or pop the cherry.

What do you guys do?


It is a high risk get out of pressure tool. Can’t really convert without the right assists (like Strider or Dante). Just use it to avoid getting pressured/mixed up.


Standing L can be used as an anti-air, but is somewhat situation and you have to consider the attack your opponent is using, if any, if there attack would have priority over yours etc.

I also agree with the above comment too. However, I feel that it’s better to be patient and look to get damage off combos from for other (re: better) situations. Or just block and use his mobility to deal with aerial pressure and throw out the the Stars and Stripes as a ‘surprise’ anti-air of sorts.


Well I was wondering if any of his normals could get the job done, like C.M. That’s risky as shit of course because you’re crouching against the air anyway. Is this just one of Cap’s weaknesses? I’d prefer not to pop X-factor early, though considering the power of Charging Star to Happy Birthday, perhaps it’s a good idea to go Wolverine-Style and pop-it so to kill two characters. That situation’s not THAT common though.

EDIT: This is (part of the reason) why I wish Guile was in the game, so bad. Panic Button high priority flash kick anti-air assist conversion to full combo. Seriously, with the way they changed the properties to Cap’s shield especially, there could’ve been great synergy between those two, especially if the combined Guile and Charlie into just Guile the way they did Ken and Ryu into just Ryu. But enough of that, back to the topic at hand.


I’ve generally found that standing light is the best anti air normal that a lot, if not all, of the cast has. It definitely beata aerial normals during there start ups, but when the move is active, his standing L is not as great as say, Wolverine’s, for example.

But yeah, I think your definitely right in that Captain America doesn’t have many anti-airs that he can capitalize off. And I’ve suffered many times as I’ve been crouching against an air-bourne opponent lol.

You also mentioned the very reason I didn’t suggest doing the stars and stripes into x-factor. Although it’s not impossible to confirm of it, you’re not always guaranteed a combo off doing so. Furthermore, the hyper charging star is only projectile invincible up until it’s recovery. It trades, or is stopped, by normals on its start up. It can also be hit out off by shoryuken type moves, such as Cap’s own Stars and Stripes. And it loses out to dive kicks or over similar aerial attacks.

Still, because of the push back on the charging star now, if you successfully land it during a happy birthday, the only time I would only suggest x-factoring if you are close to them in the corner, then OTG-ing and then doing the Hyper version. If not your better off just C.S=>Hyper C.S for the raw damage without X-Factor.

(Also, a lot of people are becoming privy to the C.S=>Hyper C.S mix up, so try not to use it too often as the simplest way to deal with Captain America is just to block).

Forgive the length lol :smiley:


Fuck man, I’ve got no place to complain about that, I write super lengthy posts. (Did you see my speech in the “Why you play the character” thread? I mean shit, dude.)

I have to disagree a little bit with the “only close to the corner thing”. CS has significant vertical lift, so if your reactions are good enough, it’s very easy to HvCS, pop the X-factor at the top of HvCS hang-time, HvCs again when closer to the ground, and then HyCS mash into the corner. But again, this is only something you should do if you’ve already happy birthday’d. Specifically, this is great in the Zero matchup. All the Zeros I see pick Dr.Doom-A, hit that, squarejump, and I’ve had many an occasion where I get them both with HvCS and capitalize the shit out of it. This is a different topic though.

CS loses to Wolverine Dive Kick? Jesus, Capcom, did you want him to have no anti-air at all? -_-


Lol I posted in that thread because you did lol, it’s all good though, thanks :slight_smile:

But yeah, you’ve got better reactions than me because the push back on the CS is dodgy for me lol. Still, the stars and stripes would be the counter for dive kicks, Doom’s footdive etc :smiley:


Oh shit, S&S beats Doom footdive? Both the 6H and S? That’s sick, duly noted. I got bodied by a Doom-point team the other day because he just kept foot-diving and I assumed that nothing Cap had beat the priority on it, and lord knows I wasn’t just going to throw 236H willy-nilly against it.


Yeah, as long as Doom says Foot, Cap can beat it with the Stars and Stripes. Yo you on x box or ps3? Obviously I use Cap lol. on the ps3, while my brethren intuitive2011 uses characters with footdives and unblockables so we coud get some matches in :smiley:


I am ScanVisor on PSN. If we play later, I’ll probably be rocking Cap-A, Hawkeye-A, Doom-B, though today I’m experimenting with Cap-A, Doom-B, Robot-A. I’ve never touched Sentinel in any game, but the results in the lab with Drones are a lot better than I thought they would be. (Somehow those fuckers hit 6 times and Cap can still get over 700K on the BNB when all of them hit.)

I’d like to see if I can have a better anchor than Doom, although real talk, I probably just need to have a better Hawkeye.Hawkeye’s keepaway with Doom-B on top is really hard to deal with.

Plus, I love the rythmn of that team. You play aggressive, and then when playing aggressive doesn’t work, you’ve got keepaway to work with, and then you can usually reduce it to a one-on-one against Doom.
"And as we all know, every matchup in this game is 9-1 in Doom’s favor."
Lol, shoutouts to Maximillion for teaching me how to play this game.


LOOOL! Maximillian’s the reason people think Doom’s an S Tier lol. Drones plus hidden Missiles are a complete optimization assist set for Captain America, I was hitting over 1 mil with them, killing Wesker outright (which is what most of us want to do lol).

I hate Doom as an anchor, heck I hate him as a character lol, but he compliments Captain he gives Captain America TOD’s so I guess I should be using him. Plus I’m kinda starting to have fun with him again, and he’s probably the only character who can kill you off a TAC regardless of the hitstun deterioration. I think he needs to be backed by an assist too, then again I try not to be overly reliant on assists anyway.

Hawkeye can be fun, but his magic series is slightly different to the others so I have to out in additional work with him ¬_¬ He takes out Trish for free, I learnt that the hard way lol


TACs disregard HSD until the character hits the floor, which is exactly why the “MarlinPie Feelin’ Himself” combo works in the first place, and yet another reason why Doom is so great.

I have to disagree with you about the Leader of Latveria, I’ll send you a message.


launcher is a good anti air, just dont get predictable with it. slow start up so dont be trying to aa tri jumps.

launcher also punishes vajra assist for free and kills strider

also cap can air-to air and go into a full combo without needing shield slash.

j.:m:,:h: -> double jump up forward :m:, :d::h: Land -> cr.:m:, cr.:hp:, :s: -> etc. etc.


I’ve recently been working with Vajra. If you call Vajra before landing a DP, it will either make it safe on block (if the opponent is in the air) or it will cause hard knockdown on the opponent and allow for an easy OTG extension. This is pretty reliable against air approaches that don’t also use a beam to cover the approach. Here’s the combo from a standing position for both:

Call Vajra, 623H, Vajra lands (Hard Knockdown), 236L, Dash, H, S, M, M, H, 2H, S, 236L, Dash, 214H xx Hyper Charging Star (I believe you can sneak a 214L before 214H, but I haven’t mastered it, and haven’t had time to play lately.
Doom-B variation: From Air S, Call Doom, 236L, (Optional Dash in), when the shield hits on the way back, immediately hyper, Doom missiles otg, wait for the last one, then 214L, 214H, Hyper Charging Star.

Congratulations, you just turned a defensive “get off me” maneuver into over 700k damage (over 950K with Doom)