Why does it seem like the weakest characters in AE are freaking impossible to anti air now? T.Hawk, Chunny, Deejay… unless it’s a stupid-deep jump in I’ll either trade or whiff entirely and get counter hit full damage combo’d if I even attempt an anti air.


I’m guessing that you don’t have an uppercut, otherwise it’s pretty darn easy. As a Sagat player, T.Hawk can never jump on me.




You are not standing at the ranges where your anti-airs are viable against your opponent’s mobility options

Or you’re just really bad at it.


I hate to be that guy but this should be in the Newbie Saikyo dojo


I wait for them to jump in, they jump in, I hit my anti-air, my foot / fist / etc… goes through their character model and I get hit. The only character I had this much trouble anti-airing with in AE was Sakura and sometimes Akuma but now in Ultra just all my AAs either wiff or trade for no real apparent reason other than the hitbox isn’t there anymore.


You on PSN?

Moving from PS3 to XBox 360 (2 frames less input lag) and then from DSL to cable (40+ms ping => 25ms ping) helped me getting better at antiairing. Having 3 frames more time to react does make a difference.


Does your character have a low profile move?


what character are you using?

and deff this is for the dojo lol


What char


Basically anyone without an uppercut.


Lol thats the problem

You cant Just AA the same way with “anyone” w/o dp


Let me spell it out for you since some of you - especially you - have a hard time understanding “words.” Before Ultra: I can anti-air no problem. After Ultra: My anti-air whiffs for no reason despite doing the same anti-air with the same timing. My attacks whiff or trade entirely for no reason.


Anti airs could stand to be better across the board imho.

As for 2012 to Ultra, outside of specific situations where boxes may have changed, it’s in your head.


Played a match couple days ago against a yellow bar PSN Ryu player. Anti-airing was so difficult the other guy had played like 10,000 matches and didnt use DP as anti-air.
Hed gotten so used to lag he was anti-airing everything with standing LK with Ryu or just blocking. PSN is bad.


Truly he has transcended street fighter


I entered this thread hoping it was secretly a thread just to hate on CCG|Air. :frowning:


They really should be.
The amount of anti air normals that flat out lose to jump in HK / HP from shotos is kind of stupid sometimes.


there’s also more delay online in this version. try doing your anti airs slightly earlier. i find that helps but it can take a little guessing on when you think they’ll jump so you can be ready for it.