Hi, I was watching the NorCal tournament yesterday and noticed a lot of players were using a standing jab (light punch) as an anti air which was really effective. Now my question is, can every character rely on an unbeatable anti air normal? I’m not talking about a shoryuken type of anti air I mean does everyone have an unbeatable anti air normal?


None of them are unbeatable but all of the characters have a good/decent anti-air normal yes. A lot of the time it is cr.hp.

About the jabs : The jabs are not really anti-air normals by design, but they happen to work very well in this game yes.


Thanks, so it comes down to timing of your certain normal then right? I mean that’s the only possible reason why for example a c.hp will sometimes beat or will sometimes get beaten correct? And yea jab was used all day yesterday and I don’t recall it getting beat.


Yeah, it’s a lot about knowing the timing of your normals. Some c. HP’s you’ll need to preempt as they’re slow (M.Bison), but his AA range on his c. HP is larger than other characters. There’s also the case of invincibility/upper body invincibility, which will beat out normals by the sheer fact that they’re invincible. If you ever tried to jab players out of a Shoryuken, you’re gonna eat a Shoryuken.


There aren’t really any catch-all normal anti-airs for any character. It’s more like each character has a few of them that you can use for different situations. For instance, I can use Nash’ or for far away jump-ins, while I can use or c.hp for closer ones.